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4" x 15' Roll 4" x 135' Roll
$6.45 $27.95
SNDRAP0815 8" x 15' Roll $10.98 SNDRAP1260 12" x 60' Roll $29.95
Potato Clock
Blue plastic clock has two compartments designed to hold potatoes or fruit. Two coils, one red and one blue, are inserted into a different potato while the green coiled wire is connected to both potatoes. The clock will demonstrate the
Science Fairs & Experiments • Science  183
Sandtastik® Rappit Plaster Cloth
Create 3-D sculptures, dioramas, masks, body & face castings and more! This rapid-dry, versatile casting compound has a smooth durable finish. Just cut, dip in water, and begin to model. Ready to decorate in minutes! Grades 3+
principles of an electrochemical cell!
Do you want to see what water looks like? How about carbon dioxide? This set is an excellent way
to visualize organic and inorganic compounds and gain a better understanding of the actual structure of complex molecules. Set includes 370 colored balls and 150 bonding lugs. 520 pieces. 1
Science Projects
Most students are encouraged to partici- pate in their schools’ science fairs, and parents are often drafted to help in this effort. To make this experience interest- ing and informative for both students and parents, these books are packed with a variety of award-winning science experi-
Molecular Model Deluxe Set
Wonder of Learning Tin Sets
A fun way to discover and explore the world and us! Each 9" x 6" tin contains an accessory kit to build and experiment, a 32-page Reference Book, and an Educational Wall Chart. Grades K+ $14.99 Each
RWPTS01 Discover the Human Body RWPTS02 Discover Bugs
RWPTS03 Discover Dinosaurs RWPTS04 Discover Space RWPTS05 Discover the World RWPTS06 Discover Science
ments. 96 pages.
SV-9780739869093 SV-9780739869109 SV-9780739869116
$11.99 Each
Grades 1–2 Grades 3–4 Grades 5–6
Project Boards
These lightweight boards feature sturdy construction, clean lines and overlap- ping side panels for ease
in handling. 9-color assort- ment includes red, yellow, blue, sky blue, green, black, pink, purple, and orange. 4-color assortment includes red, yellow, blue and green. 8-color assortment includes red, yellow, blue, green, black, sky blue, pink, and purple.
$110.48 ≠ $137.11 ≠ $137.11 ≠
$70.96 ≠ $40.71 ≠
$95.76 ≠ $121.15 ≠
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Science Fair Title Cards
Preprinted titles include Introduction, Procedure, Hypothesis, Problem, Data, Materials, Variables, Results, Application, Conclusion, Graph, Abstract, and
Corrugated Project Boards
36"H x 48"W. 24-pack. FLP3004224 White FLP3004524 Assorted (9 colors) FLP3007324 Assorted (4 colors)
Mini Corrugated Project Boards
15"H x 20"W. 24-pack. FLP3001224 White
Foam Project Boards 10-Pack
Purpose. 13 pieces.
Primary Colors
FLP20060 Black FLP50810 Yellow
Neon Colors
FLP62030 Blue FLP61620 Green
$2.07 Each FLP51114 Red
FLP52030 Blue
FLP51620 $2.30 Each
FLP52040 FLP60810 Yellow
Green FLP62050 Pink
Light Blue
FLP3153010 FLP3004810 FLP3050810
18"H x 24"W. White 36"H x 48"W. White 36"H x 48"W. Black
FLP62070 Orange

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