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Sick! Science® Kits
Insanely Cool Experiences
These fabulous science kits take advantage of the latest technology to teach kids in ways they “get.” QR codes give overviews of each experience and written instructions are supplemented with video links that expand the experiences. Grades 1+ 1 $19.99 Each
BAT6025 Fast Physics BAT6035 Slick Tricks BAT6030 Color Chem
BAT6040 BAT6050
Solve This
Big Bubble Blast NEW! NEW!
Sick! Science® Super Size Kit
30 experiments!
BAT6610 $49.99
Real Science,
Real Fun
Some of the best experi- ments in one giant kit! From creating “Instant Hot Ice,” egg shell geodes and other crystal forming activities
to color changing liquids, stained glass sugar, convec- tion currents and more. These activities will not disappoint the budding scientist! Grades 3+ 1
More than 75 Activities!
Big Bag of Science
More than 70 activities demonstrate principles of chemistry, physics, biol- ogy and more! Students will become master mixologists, make up a batch of Gravity Goo, launch a 30' soda geyser, make some Insta-Snow®
and much, much more.
Science Works!
Set up your own STEM science lab–from a 20 foot string of beads that defies gravity to flow uphill to bubbling concoctions! Science Works covers concepts including acid & bases, density, force & motion, solids, liquids, gases, and more in one amazing kit. Grades 3+ 1
Grades 3+
Simple Circuits
Amazing new technology allows kids to design and engineer working circuits on paper! They will use LED lights, disc batteries and copper tape to learn how switches and different kinds of circuits work, as well as build their own night light. A Mini Energy Stick is included to demonstrate a hu- man circuit. Grades 3+ 1
Touch both ends to make a human circuit!
Brain Tickling Science
Energy Stick
Do your friends get a “charge” out of you? Does your body transmit electricity? Use our new Energy Stick to find out! Hold the Energy Stick in your hands and see if it lights up and makes noises. Try it with two people, three people, five or more! A fun way
to learn about conductivity,
insulators and electric circuits.
Grades 1+
BAT7250 $8.99
Whether you’re launching rings of fog, making a quicksand clock, or defying gravity with anti-gravity beads, you’ll experience and engage with fantastic hands-on sci- ence in fun and creative ways. Your mind
will be tingling with all of the awesome experiments and activities! Grades 3+ 1 BAT3740 $19.99
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