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Science Learning Centers
Easy-to-use centers are designed for either teacher directed instruction or independent use by groups of 2–4 students. Each includes a self-checking Curricu- lum Mastery® game with laminated game board, 30 illustrated question cards, 4 laminated Visual Learning GuidesTM, game pieces, and a zippered storage pouch. $24.95 Each
Grades 1–2
NP-246920 NP-246921 NP-246913 NP-246928 NP-246924 NP-246912 NP-246910 NP-246929 NP-246917 NP-246927 NP-246916 NP-246911
All About Animals
All About Plants
Food Chains
Fossils & Dinosaurs
How Living Things Grow & Change Life Cycles
Living & Nonliving Things Stars, Moon & Planets The Seasons
The Sun & Earth Weather
Where Do Animals Live
Grades 3–5
NP-246940 NP-246953 NP-246956 NP-246944 NP-246948 NP-246954 NP-246937 NP-246935 NP-246959 NP-246950 NP-246939 NP-246947
Cells–The Building Blocks of Life Cycles of Life & Biomes
Elements, Mixtures & Compounds Food Chains & Food Webs
Force, Motion & Energy Landforms, Rocks & Soils Matter & Its Properties Rocks, Minerals & Soil Sound & Light
Six Kingdoms of Life The Solar System Weather & Climate
Science Bulletin Board Chart Sets
“Write-on/wipe-off” charts are ideal for student review and reinforcement! Each 12" x 18" chart is laminated and double-sided—Side 1 features a graphic overview of the topic; Side 2 provides “write-on/wipe-off” activities.
Grades 1–2
NP-941501 NP-941504 NP-941502 NP-941503
Grades 3–5
NP-943501 NP-943502 NP-943503 NP-943504
All About Animals, Set of 5 Life Cycles, Set of 8
Land, Water & Air, Set of 3 Our Planets, Set of 3
All About Plants, Set of 5 The Six Kingdoms, Set of 5 Earth–Inside & Out, Set of 5 Force & Motion, Set of 3
$15.95 $24.95 $10.95 $10.95
$15.95 $15.95 $15.95 $10.95
Ideal for individual or small group review!
Science Vocabulary
Builder Flash Card Sets
Colorfully illustrated cards provide comprehensive coverage of the key terms in the Disciplinary Core Ideas
of the Next Science Generation Standards. Printed on 4" x 51⁄2" heavy stock, each card features the term, its pronunciation and a graphic depiction on one side and the term’s definition on the reverse. 200 cards per set.
NP-441011 NP-443011 Grades 5–9 NP-446017 NP-446018 NP-446019
Periodic Table of the Elements
Magnetic Periodic Table of the Elements
Up-to-date with 4 new elements, prop- erly named. Write-on/wipe-off surface. 12" x 17".
ASH77022 $8.99
Grades 1–2 $24.95
Grades 3–5 $24.95 Bulletin Board Set
Assembled from 4 charts, each 24" x 17", featuring Life Science (400 cards) $49.95 the Periodic Table of Elements in a large format.
Earth Science $24.95 Includes resource guide. 48" x 34".
Physical Science $24.95 CD-410099 $12.99
Download the free 4D app to make your smart chart come alive!
Physical Science Learning Charts Combo Pack
Periodic Table of Elements Interactive Smart Chart
Bring the world of chemistry to life through this interactive Augmented and Virtual Reality infused smart chart. Connect and play with all the elements through stunning animations, compound building, educational information, and so much more!
42" x 32". Grades 4+
Convenient five-chart pack includes Electrical Circuits, Simple Machines, Laws of Motion, Magnets, and States of Matter. Value-added activities and reproducibles on the back of each 17" x 22" chart! Set of 5. Grades 2–9 T-38928 $14.99
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