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Sensory Development • Early Learning 17
Sensory Liquid Sets
Crystal clear sensory liquid sets will captivate and fascinate and are an ideal resource for quiet focus, as well as inspiring curiosity, developing creative language and understanding simple scientific principles. Ages 3+
Sensory Rainbow Cascade
As colored liquid cascades to the bottom at varying speeds, the droplets may overlap creating a fascinat-
Sensory Bubble Sets
Rectangular sensory liquid pack with hourglass shaped internal cavity containing tiny colorful
Sensory Ooze
Tube Set
Thick goopey jelly in vi- brant colors slowly oozes and spirals to the bottom. 43⁄4" x 2". Set of 3. CTU9309 $39.99
ing effect! 2" x 53⁄4" x 11⁄4". Set of 6.
bubbles that float to the top. Set of 4. CTU9304 Large. 5" x 31⁄4" CTU9301 Small. 21⁄2" x 13⁄4"
$32.99 $12.99
Rainbow Blocks
Smooth rubberwood blocks in 6 shapes and with 4 different transparent colored acrylic
inserts for building, compar- ing, color mixing and for use
on a light panel. Pair with Sensory Blocks (CTU9365,
sold separately), which form a natural exten-
sion to this set. Rect- angle measures 4" x 2" x 1". Set of 24. Ages 1+
CTU9360 $44.99
Sensory Blocks
Sensory Reflective Balls
Shiny mirror surface provides a distorted fish-eye lens reflection which is fascinating for children to observe. Made from hard wearing stainless steel, these beauti- ful, smooth tactile balls are robustly constructed yet lightweight. Balls measure 21⁄4", 3", 4", and 6" diameter. Set of 4. Ages Birth+
Large rubberwood blocks in 4 shapes contain beads, transparent acrylic, colored sand and water/glitter filled pockets. The combination of smooth wood exterior and the brightly colored sensory center makes a fascinating component for use with children of all ages. Rectangle measures 51⁄2" x 23⁄4" x 11⁄4". Set of 16. Ages 11⁄2+
SiliShapes® Sensory Circles
Textured circular disks made from ultra-soft flexible silicone—5 large (93⁄4" dia.) and 5 small (3" dia.). Children can distinguish the textures by placing the small circles into the “mystery bag” to describe or predict the pattern they are feeling. Linking the small and large sensory circles by touch is great fun too. Set of 10. Ages 3+ 1
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Mystery Sensory Balls
These reflective mirror balls look identi- cal, but have individual characteristics. Some wobble when rolled, or turn
and won't roll in a straight line, some feel funny when spun or shaken and others make different shaker or rattle sounds. Smooth, lightweight balls are constructed from hard wearing stainless steel. 4" diameter. Set of 6. Ages Birth+ CTU9323 $74.99

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