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188 Social Studies • Mindfulness & Social-Emotional Development
Mindful Moments Activity Cards
Empower kids to grow up strong, inside and out, with mindfulness and yoga! Nurture inner peace and strength, and boost children’s confidence with activities for children of a wide range of abilities. 50 colorful 51⁄2" x 71⁄4" cards per set.
Mindful Kids
36 Mindfulness Activities
Kids use a giant spinning top to conduct relaxation and self-awareness exercises through muscular relaxation, meditation, breathing, and yoga. Additional digital
content available. Includes 19" spinning top, 6 plastic discs and
teaching guide. Grades PreK–2
Grades PreK+
BBK9781782853275 BBK9781905236046
$14.99 Each
Mindful Kids: 50 Mindfulness Activities NEW! Yoga Pretzels: 50 Fun Yoga Activities
Characters with inter- changeable pieces enable children to
create over 100 possible combinations! Game
includes activity cards and is a great hands-on tool to familiarize children
with emotions. 18 pieces.
Calming Strategies
Bulletin Board Set
Teach students positive strat- egies for dealing with nega- tive emotions. Set features delightful characters and soothing colors, and includes a Calming Corner sign as
Grades PreK–1
well as 5 full-size posters that address important goals and mindsets. 7 pieces. Grades PreK–5
Large capsules representing basic emotions store pictures or objects related to each emotion. Ideal for learning to identify, express, and share your emotions. Nested design makes them easy to store. Set includes 5 capsules, 10 cards, and guide. Largest measure 51⁄8". Grades PreK–1
How I Feel Today Message Mirror
Unique mirror features a laser-cut message “How I feel today”, prompting the user to reflect on their
emotions and self-image. Use as a conversation piece, to discuss
feelings and to encourage a positive self-image. Includes double-sided sticky pads for easy wall mount. 73⁄4" diameter. Grades PreK+ 1
CTU9324 $8.99
Bucket Fillers
Through the metaphor of a simple bucket, this award-winning series of heartwarming books encourages positive behavior by showing children how easy and rewarding it is to express kindness, appreciation, and love by “filling buckets.”
BUC9780996099936 BUC9781933916576
BUC9781945369018 BUC9780996099974 BUC9781933916972 BUC9780997486438 BUC9780996099905
Have You Filled a Bucket Today? $9.95 Growing Up with a Bucket Full of Happiness
Buckets, Dippers, and Lids NEW! Fill a Bucket
Will You Fill My Bucket?
Bucket Filling from A-Z
Bucket Filling from A-Z Coloring Book
$9.95 $10.95 $8.95 $9.95 $9.95 $3.95

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