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Social-Emotional Development & Self Discovery • Social Studies 189
Feelings Hand Puppets
Detailed expressions help children to learn about and express feelings of happi- ness, sadness, fear, anger and embarrassment. Surface washable. Fits adult or
50 Emotion Activity Cards
Activities teach children how to identify emotions, express emotions, and how to self-calm if necessary. Teaching these skills is done through fun and interactive ways such as art and dance. Grades PreK+
child hands. Set of 5. Grades PreK–1 MTB420 White
MTB421 Black
Foam Expressions Dice
Provides endless opportunities for discussions about emotions! Giant
$36.95 Each
foam dice are approx. 11⁄2".
KOP18684 KOP18299
Pack of 6 Tub of 36
$11.99 $79.20
Soft Foam Emoji Cubes
Written prompts encourage students to talk about their feelings, while familiar emoji faces help introduce social cues and skills. Includes 4 cubes: 2 with 12 emoji faces; 2 with 12 prompts. Cubes measure 15⁄8". Grades PreK+
Skintone Paper
People Cut-Outs
Family card stock shapes in culturally diverse colors. Pack of 24.
Die-cut paper in 8 skin tones make lessons about self-awareness a cinch! Includes idea guide.
R-51448 Paper Doll Pad. 8" x 10". 40 sheets.
R-51449 Face Pad. 5" x 8". 50 sheets. $6.99
R-15233 Craft Paper. 81⁄2" x 11". 48 sheets. $7.99
HYG68205 HYG68206 HYG68207 HYG68285 HYG68216
5" Wee Kid 6" Big Kid 7" Mommy 81⁄2" Daddy 16" Me Kid
$3.99 $4.99 $5.99 $7.99
Feelings Bulletin Board Set
Help your students communicate their feelings with this unique set. Set includes three 17" x 24" posters and two
81⁄2" x 12" posters. Grades PreK–2
KE-810001 $12.99
Superhero Sighting
Printed on heavy text weight paper. 13" x 19". Pack of 36. TNT3060 $10.99
Fill Me In Posters
Instant Personal Poster Sets
Thirty big write-and-read learning posters ready for kids to personalize and display with pride. 17" x 22". Pack of 30. $12.99 Each
I’m One of A Kind! Grades K–2
In the Spotlight! Grades 3–5
Superheroes Grades 3–5
Ready Set Soar! Grades 2–6
Read All About Me! Grades K–2
Extra, Extra, Read All About Me! Grades 3–6
A great way to introduce classmates to each other or feature star students, these 17" x 22" posters invite kids to share fun facts about themselves and creatively illustrate their ideas. Pack of 32. $13.79 Each
Assorted Multicultural Colors in Each Pack!

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