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194 Social Studies • Black History
Civil Rights Pioneers
Bulletin Board Set
Introduce students to some of the most influential individuals of the civil rights era. Eight 11" x 17" post- ers feature African Americans whose leadership and courageous actions energized the nation, and launched the movement toward justice and equality for all Americans. 8 pieces. NS-3078 $11.99
Civil Rights Headline Heroes Time Link
Introduce the courageous leaders and everyday citizens whose lives shaped the headlines of the civil rights movement. Historical photos and concise descrip- tions provide context and order to a crucial era in American history. 88"L x 75⁄8"H. NS-1414 $5.99
Black Heritage: Celebrating Culture!TM
This high-impact series makes black heritage studies fun and interactive while bringing students up to speed on the achievements of influential African Americans throughout history and today. Motivating narratives and educational activities make these teacher-requested best-sellers Black History Month must-haves!
Black Heritage GameBook Black Heritage Coloring Book Celebrating Black Heritage Black Trivia
Big Book of Activities Monumental Moments
Best Book of Black Biographies
$7.95 $3.95 $5.95 $7.95
$12.95 $7.95 $7.95
Black History Bulletin Board Set
plus 24 informational cards (4" x 6"), 1 for each event. Set of 48.
Black History Events Accents
Introduce students to important events in history with real photographs and illus- trations! Set includes 24 photos and illustrations (6" x 8") of black history events,
Individual posters categorize 21 important leaders and their contributions to history and popular culture. 7-piece set. Largest piece is 26" wide.
T-8095 $11.99
Leaders and Achievers Bulletin Board Set
Posters feature well-known African American historical figures, their leader-
ship qualities, and the influence of these characteristics on their achievements. Inspirational quotes from each individual underscore their exemplary leadership qualities. 11" x 17" posters. 8 pieces.
NS-3056 $11.99
Notable African Americans Bulletin Board Set
Celebrate the achievements of 12 notable African Americans. Each 12" x 18" poster includes a large photograph, a full-color illustration, a brief biography, and a quotation from each person. Also includes an activity guide. 12 pieces. SC-516117 $12.99

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