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196 Social Studies • U.S. Government & Presidents
First Guide to Government
This series offers a perfect introduction to federal, state, and local governments. Through clear, concise text, each book explores the structure, function, and responsibilities of each branch of the government. Includes vivid photographs, maps and charts. Set of 4 books, 32 pages each. Grades 1–3 CAP9781484637562
American Government
Using ready-to-use information and activities for remedial students, this resource presents a clear understanding between the three branches of the Federal Government, how the system of checks and balances works, how a bill becomes a law, how the electoral process works, and more. Includes read- ing passages, student activities, a crossword, word search, and comprehension quiz. 60 pages, 6 full- color mini posters. Grades 5–8; Reading Levels 3–4. CCP5757 $14.95
Our Government Bulletin Board Set
Help students understand how the U.S. government works with this visual tool that explains the three branches of government. Features a Checks and Balances
Understanding the
U.S. Constitution
Interactive Notebook: U.S. Constitution
Encourage students to create their own learning portfolios to help review and study for tests. This interactive notebook emphasizes the principles of U.S. gov- ernment, citizens’ rights and responsi- bilities, and the Constitution. 64 pages. Grades 5–8+
$33.16 Help students become informed citizens by delving into the history
and structure of the U.S. Constitution. This resource book covers the birth of the Constitution, the branches of government, the articles, and the amendments. Full copy of the U.S. Constitution and a sample test are included. 96 pages. Grades 5–8+
$12.99 CD-405011
poster to show how the branches interrelate. 8 pieces.
U.S. Presidents Bulletin Board Set
U.S. Documents Learning Charts Combo Pack
Display official White House portraits of the U.S. presidents along with specialty cards, 3 versatile header cards, and 3 stars and stripes streamers. 48 cards,
5-chart pack includes: Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, Emancipation Proclamation, and Pledge of Allegiance. Activities and reproducibles on every 17" x 22" chart. Grades 4–9
T-38946 $14.99
America’s Founders Bulletin Board Set
Posters focus on the individuals at the forefront of the American Revolution,
and highlight the role of each in shaping the ideals that define America. 11" x 17". Set of 8.
NS-3075 $11.99
5" x 81⁄2" each. 54 pieces.
T-92015 Americana Terrific Trimmers®. 21⁄4" x 39'.
Rock ‘N Learn®
Presidents &
U.S. Government CD
Audio CD with presidents through Trump and photos. Printable book has fun facts about each president and our government. 40 minutes. Grades 5+
RL-400 $9.99
$13.99 $3.99

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