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States & Capitals • Social Studies  197
State-Specific Teacher Essentials Kit
Everything you need to teach YOUR STATE’s facts, history and geography! Complete kit includes a BIG Activity Book, Primary Sources Pack, Projects for State History and Symbols, History Bingo, Stickers, 30 full-color 81⁄2" x 11" Student Maps, and 30 ready- to-color 11" x 17" All About My State Poster Pages, State Symbols & Facts FunSheets. Grades 2–8
GALESSKS_ _* $79.99
*Please add your state’s 2-letter postal code a er the item number.
State Bulletin Board Sets
Explore our country’s most populous states with these colorful and informative sets. Photographs, timelines, and maps help illustrate each state’s geography, history, industry, people, and more. Each includes a 32-page book. Grades 3–6 $19.99 Each
State-Specific Decorative Set
Visual aids are a terrific way to supplement lessons on YOUR STATE and help students retain what they've learned! Set includes a BIG Wall Timeline (over 8 feet long!), Famous People Photo Pack, Bul- letin Board Set, plenty of matching State Border, 11" x 17" State Map, 11" x 17" State Flag Poster, and 30 Nameplates. Grades 2–8 GALDEC2KS_ _* $49.99 *Please add your state’s 2-letter postal code a er the item number.
Interactive Notebooks help students become creative, independent, and reflective thinkers, readers, and writers.
State Specific
Interactive Notebook
A Hands-On Approach to Learning
About Our State!
From KWLs to “foldables” and more, this unique resource provides activities that will have students exploring their state’s history, geography, govern- ment, economics, and symbols in a whole new way! Includes ready-to-use pages, templates, instruc- tions, writing prompts, and more. A true-time saver, and sure to make state-studies fun and successful for the whole class! 50+ pages. Grades 3–8 GALPINT_ _* $9.99 *Please specify state by adding the 2-letter postal code after the item number.
Scholastic® Race
Across the USATM Game
It’s a race across the USA to visit six states, correctly answer geography questions, then get back home to win the game. Players pilot their jets across the country, learning state names, locations and capitals, along with key cultural and location geography about the USA.
EU-847017 EU-847019 EU-847020 EU-847025 EU-847026
California Texas Florida New York Illinois
EU-847028 EU-847029 EU-847030 EU-847032 EU-847034
Pennsylvania Ohio
North Carolina Michigan
Rock ‘N Learn®
States & Capitals Rap
Rap along with the songs, follow in the book, and try to beat the delayed answers. Original music and a variety of formats hold attention and get results. Includes CD and an illustrated activity book. Approximately 27 minutes. Grades 5+
RL-915 $12.99
2-4 players. Grades 3+
United States by Region
Take a tour of the major regions of the United States, and discover the rich cultures, diverse geographies, major cities, and industries that make these areas unique. Set of 5 books, 32 pages each. Grades 3–6 CAP9781515724667 $39.75
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State-Specific Sets are Available for all 50 States
Available for All 50 States!

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