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18 Early Learning • Color & Light Exploration
Light Table
LED lighting system displays brighter, whiter and more uniformly distributed light, uses less electricity, and produces less heat. The LED lights are UL listed and guaranteed to last for 50,000 hours. Made in the USA. Lifetime warranty.
WB-0724 Light Table. 251⁄2"L x 25"W x 24"H. Weight 37 lbs. $395.00 ≠ WB-0717 Tabletop Light Box. 241⁄2"L x 24"W x 6"H.
Mobile-Mite Light Table
Let children explore the wonders of light! With the included remote, the color can be set to white in addition to several other colors. Children will be able to experience how light color interacts with other colored manipulatives (not included). Four
EZ-Roll 2" casters for easy mobility, or lock for stability. Sturdy, molded construction of certified non-toxic resins. 21"L x 21"W x 24"H. MANS8325L $389.95 ≠
Red Blue Green Chocolate Sandstone
Weight 27 lbs.
Rainbow Acrylic
Shape Set
$315.00 ≠
Frame available in 5 colors!
6 each of 3 acrylic shape disks (circle, square and triangle) in red, purple, blue, green, yel- low, and orange for use on LED light tables or by themselves. Safe, shatter-proof, sanded edges for safety. 18 pieces.
WB-7780 $139.00
Sand Box for Light Table
Place the Sand Box atop a light table at least 24" square (sold separately) and watch the fun begin! Constructed in beautiful, durable birch laminate in safe, non-toxic natural UV finish. Made in USA. Lifetime warranty. 201⁄4"L x 201⁄4"W x 3.9"H. WB-1428 $122.00 ≠
Translucent, interlocking building pieces engage children in open-ended play while strengthening their design, structure and engineering skills. Notched edges
Illuminated surface is great for learning about colors & shapes!
Shown with Tabletop Light Box, sold separately
Light Learning
fit together securely. 96 pieces. Ages 2+ GD-16834 Discs
GD-16835 Squares
$19.95 Each
Crystal Color
Appeal to the senses with squishy, gel-filled shapes! Explore basic properties of light and color mixing by layering the pieces. Guide included.
Ages 3+
Perfect for practic- ing patterning skills! Includes 8 each of
5 glittery animal shapes: elephants, dogs, birds, fish and lizards. Largest is
5" x 5". Set of 40.
R-35041 $69.99
Uppercase Letters
Inside each letter is a disc that students can move around to practice letter formation. Commonly used letters have doubles and vowels are red. Largest is
Stacking Blocks
Turn simple stacking into a R-49703 sensory experience! Blocks
stack easily with the help of
specially designed grooves.
Overlap different block colors
to explore color mixing
concepts. 2" x 21⁄2". Set of 50.
Ages 3+ 1
Product Safety See inSide front cover
31⁄2" x 43⁄4". Set of 38.
Numbers & Math Signs
Assorted color numbers contain a magnetic disc that students can manipulate with their fingers or a magnetic wand. Includes 30 num- bers (31⁄2") and 14 red math signs. Set of 44. R-35043 $49.99

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