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198 Social Studies • Geography & Map Skills
180 Days of Geography
Through these weekly units, students will improve their geographic background knowledge, critical thinking and reasoning skills, map and spatial skills, and abilities in answering evidence-based questions. Digital resources included. Supports college and career readiness.
216 pages.
SEP28621 SEP28622 SEP28623
Grade K Grade 1 Grade 2
SEP28624 SEP28625 SEP28626
$19.99 Each Grade 3 SEP28627 Grade 6
Grade 4 Grade 5
Where in the World?
Comprehensive geography games can be played by indi- viduals or an entire classroom to build a solid base of geo- graphical facts about every country or state! Designed with multiple game play to accommodate all learning levels and incorporate current news and events. 2–6 players. Grades 3+
U.S.A. Bingo
Play variations of this classic game using states and capitals, postal abbreviations, state nicknames, and trivia teasers! For large or small group use. 3-36 players. Grades 3+ T-6137 $10.99
Daily Geography Practice
36-week progressive program requires just a few minutes a day to practice essen- tial map-reading skills, based on the 18 National Geography Standards. Teacher resource pages, reproducible maps and globes, glossary of geography terms, and answer keys included. 160 pages.
$29.99 Each
a unique “map quilt”!
Full-Color Map Study Packs
EMC3710 EMC3711 EMC3712
Fully Labeled
Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
EMC3713 EMC3714 EMC3715
Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6
OTM117 Grades 1–3 OTM107 Grades 4–6
Outline Maps of the World
OTM118 Grades 1–8
Mapping Skills
USA Map Collage Boards
Sturdy, pre-cut corrugated boards are perfect for mapping out the highways and cities for each state or drawing the landscape. Includes all 50 states, plus large USA letters for an overall size of 401⁄2" x 60". 53 pieces. Grades PreK+
Features ideas and information to help young learners understand the basics of reading and fol- lowing maps. Provides in-depth coverage of the skill needs in map reading: north-south-east-west, legend, scale, longitude and latitude. 64 pages. $12.99 Each
U.S./World Combo features U.S. on one side, and World on the other
U.S. & World Study Packs use standard Political Cartography. Side one of U.S. and World Study Pad is labeled, side two is without labels for testing. 17" x 11". 50 sheets per pack. $19.99 Each UMG16308 U.S. UMG16310 World
have been included. Rulers measuring inches and centi- meters. Three-hole-punched. 81⁄2" x 11".
U.S./World Combo (labeled both sides)
Outline Map Study Packs
Large 17" x 11" maps show outlines of states or countries within the map. Maps are unlabeled and perfect for classroom testing. 50 single-sided
Jumbo 17" x 11" Size!
U.S./World Notebook Map
This laminated, educational map has the world on one side and the U.S. on the other. The world map has an inset map of Europe, and the US map has insets of Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico with the Virgin Islands. Time zones
Same Cartography as Wall Maps on page 201
Scholastic World Atlas
An excellent reference for students of all ages! Features accurate and up-to-date cartogra- phy, which is easy-to-read and user friendly. Completely indexed, contains a world and U.S. fact sheet, full-color maps. 81⁄2" x 11".
24 pages.
UMG11768 $5.99
sheets per pack.
UMG16319 U.S.
UMG16320 World UMG16350 50 States (1 state
per page), 17" x 11"
$11.99 Each

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