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200 Social Studies • Maps & Puzzles
Kids Maps & Puzzles
Colorful, cheery artwork is sure to brighten any wall! 24" x 36" laminated maps are write-on/wipe-off. Matching 24" x 36" floor puzzles have 48 pieces; 13" x 19"
No folding required! This fun
and unique learning tool lasts much longer than paper maps because it is water and tear resistant. It’s made of a light- weight material and comes
with its own storage pouch.
Just stuff it in your backpack, desk, purse, or car! 24" x 36".
Ages 4+ $9.00 Each RWPSM01 World ScrunchMap. Shows all 50 United States, all countries and major cities RWPSM02 USA ScrunchMap. Shows all major cities and interstates.
Hemispheres® Maps & Puzzles
Laminated maps feature vibrant, eye-pleasing colors. All major towns and cities are highlighted and capital cities are clearly shown. The flags and population facts and figures make these maps really interactive! Matching 24" x 36" jigsaw puzzles have 500 pieces.
jigsaw puzzles have 100 pieces.
$10.00 Each World RWPKM01 United States RWPKM02
Floor Puzzles
$14.00 Each RWPKP03 RWPKP04
Jigsaw Puzzles
$9.00 Each RWPKP01 RWPKP02
Animal Magnetism® Magnetic Wildlife Map Puzzles
Discover 100+ endangered, threatened, and common animals in their habitats! 111⁄2" x 18" board shows animal silhouettes and names to help children place the right pieces. Each multi-continent puzzle features stunning artwork in rich colors and convenient hanger holes to turn puzzles into beautiful wall décor. Large animal fact sheet included. 50–61 pieces per puzzle. Grades PreK+
$19.99 Each DMC734100 DMC734110 DMC734120
North & South America Eurasia & Africa
Asia & Australia
Maps $15.00 Each
RWPHM01 World. 51"W x 38"H RWPHM02 United States. 48"W x 38"H RWPHM06 Canada. 47"W x 38"H
RWPHMB02PK U.S./World 2–Map Pack
Jigsaw Puzzles $16.00 Each
Set of all 3
World Map
United States Map
Back side shows state capitals!
WonderFoam® Giant USA Puzzle Map
Hemispheres Contemporary Laminated Wall Maps
These beautiful, laminated maps feature land masses in white, allowing more visibility for write-on activities. $15.00 Each RWPHM08 World. 61"W x 38"H
RWPHM09 United States. 48"W x 38"H
Giant 4' x 21⁄2' puzzle makes geography fun for kids! Includes 50 state pieces, 16 punch-out state landmarks, 5 Great Lakes, 2 interlocking playbars to attach Alaska and Hawaii, and a Fun Facts Activity Guide. Back side features state capitals. 48" x 30". 73 pieces. 1

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