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Maps • Social Studies  201
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Primary Classroom Wall Maps
These multi-colored wall maps are perfect for any classroom! Students can easily identify political boundaries and national capitals. Landforms are also included and identified by shaded relief. U.S. edition identifies state borders, capitals, time zones and features insets of Alaska, Puerto Rico and Hawaii, along with a physi- cal inset map of the U.S. Images of all 50 state flags are shown, along with a loca- tor map showing the country’s location in North America. World edition includes national capitals and 193 country flags. Mounted on spring roller with backboard. 64" x 54". Grades 1–5
Beginner Classroom Wall Maps
Features bright colors with easy-to-identify land masses and major bodies of water. The U.S. map shows state names and capitals. The World edition identifies only continents and oceans. Mounted on spring roller with backboard. 64" x 54". Grades PreK–1
UMG18085 UMG26080 UMG26089
U.S. Primary Wall Map World Primary Wall Map U.S./World Primary Combo
$199.00 ≠ $199.00 ≠ $299.00 ≠
UMG14985 UMG27824 UMG22210
U.S. Beginner Wall Map
World Beginner Wall Map U.S./World Beginner Map Combo
$199.00 ≠ $199.00 ≠ $299.00 ≠
Essential Classroom Wall Maps
Features the same clear, concise maps as the Primary series, but with an enhanced legend and pictorial landform illustrations for intermediate level stud- ies. Also show deserts and wetlands. The inset map locator illustrates the loca- tion of each continent in the world. Mounted on spring roller with backboard. Maps measure 64" x 54". Grades 4–8
UMG28454 UMG28464 UMG28474 UMG12694
U.S. Essential Wall Map
World Essential Wall Map
U.S./World Essential Map Combo U.S./World Essential Stacked Map, 44" x 65"
$199.00 ≠ $199.00 ≠ $299.00 ≠ $199.00 ≠
Shaded Relief Maps
Colorful and easy to read, these laminated maps are a great geographical teaching aid! A colored bar graph clearly shows variations in elevation. Includes boundaries, geographical features, time zones and more. Grades 3+
California Florida Illinois
New York Texas
United States World
Outline Maps
Rolled 28" x 38" $19.95 UMG28374 UMG28378 UMG28382 UMG28401 UMG28412 UMG28420 UMG28422
Wall w/Backboard 64" x 54" $199.99 UMG16631 UMG16646 UMG16658 UMG16718 UMG16753 UMG16948 UMG16951
All States & Continents Available!
Perfect for classroom activities and student testing, Outline Maps contain political boundaries and longitude/latitude lines. Each set contains 50 paper or laminated outline maps. 81⁄2" x 11". All Grades
California Florida Illinois
New York Texas
United States World
$29.95 UMG21227 UMG21231 UMG21235 UMG21254 UMG21265 UMG21273 UMG21274
$9.95 UMG21172 UMG21176 UMG21180 UMG21199 UMG21210 UMG21218 UMG21220

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