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Life Skills • Middle & Upper Grades  203
Life Skills
Students will learn important skills such as health and hygiene, how to behave in a social environment, and how to budget and best spend their money. Each resource includes reading passages, graphic organizers, real-world activities, crossword, word search and comprehension quiz. 60 pages. Reading Level 3.
Careers Curriculum
College and career readiness has recently become front and center for educators across the country. These indispensable books are available just in time to meet new career education mandates that begin with career exploration and discovery in elementary and middle school, and progress through planning and pathways in high school and college.
Daily Life Skills
Practical Life Skills
Grades 9–12+
CCP5806 Independent Living CCP5807 Managing Money
CCP5808 Employment & Volunteering
Practical Life Skills Big Book
CCP5809 All 3 books combined,
Job Tracks
Essential Skills for the Real World of Work Parent and Teacher’s Guide
Business Ethics & Etiquette for Students Work Words
Would You Hire This Person?
$14.99 $14.99 $14.99
$9.99 $9.99 $9.99
Grades 6–12+
CCP5790 Daily Marketplace Skills CCP5791 Daily Social & Workplace
$14.95 Each CCP5792 Daily Health & Hygiene Skills
$14.95 Each
Daily Life Skills Big Book
CCP5793 All 3 books combined,
170 pages.
170 pages.
Consumer Mathematics
This very practical series will help adolescents and adults alike to understand mathematics as it relates to their everyday lives. Each book covers basic math concepts and skills before exploring the more specific topics. Clear explanations are followed by ample practice. Each section also has a pretest, a section review,
Life Skills Math
and a posttest. 160 pages. Grades 6–12 SV-9780547625607 Work
$17.99 Each
This life skills program will help students master math skills that are essential to everyday life! Each book includes activities such as reading comprehension, fill- ing out forms, using a glossary, and answering math word problems that involve calculating money, figuring percentages, working with large numbers, and more. 46-64 pages. Grades 6–8
SV-9780547625560 SV-9780547625614 SV-9780547625621 SV-9780547625645 SV-9780547625683
Trades & Professions Banking & Credit
Autos & Transportation Housing & Taxes Finance & Investments
Bank Account
REM524 REM5241 REM5242
Checkbook Math Credit Card Math Bank Account Math
$7.99 REM5243 $10.99 REM5244 $10.99 REM5245
Bargain Math Budget Math Set of all 5
$10.99 $10.99 $46.99
A fun-to-play game that simulates true-to-life money management demands! Players write checks, make deposits, reconcile accounts, pay bills, make purchases, collect earnings, and more. Checks, deposit slips and accounting forms are included. 2-5 players. Grades 5+ 1 CTU4377 $23.99
Before each trip around the game board, players plan a budget and receive $2,000. Players experience the realities of real-life economics as they buy a home or rent an apart-
ment, pay insurance, make investments, buy grocer- ies and clothing, collect commissions, and
more. Budget correctly and collect a bonus on payday! 2-4 players. Grades 5+ 1
Learn what it means to live on a budget!
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