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Language Arts • Middle & Upper Grades  205
I’m Lovin’ Lit
All-new resources from blogger and best-selling Teachers Pay Teachers author Erin Cobb!
How to Series
A Complete Step-by-Step Guide Written from a student’s perspective, these resources are helpful to students that are having difficulty with writing. 64 pages. $12.99 Each
OTM1809 How to Write a Paragraph.
Grades 5–10 OTM1808 How to Write an Essay.
Grades 7–12
Six Traits for Writing Success
Provides students with tools to pinpoint areas of strengths and weaknesses and strategies to improve their writing in six key areas: Ideas and Content, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, and Conventions. Includes Six-traits rubrics with clear, understandable language; Expository, persua- sive, and narrative writing workshops; Practice writing prompts, and more. 144 pages. $18.99 Each SV-9780547893563 Middle School SV-9780547893365 High School
Understanding & Comprehending Text
These resources are designed to help students suc- cessfully deal with everyday reading of nonfiction materials. Includes practice activities, assessment prep, and more. 64 pages. Grades 6–8+
$9.99 Each
passages. 128 pages.
$12.99 Each
Interactive Notebooks
Hands-on, easy-to-follow resource helps students
learn successful note-taking skills while learning standards-aligned skills. Comprehensive templates and lessons will make teaching vocabulary and grammar a revolutionary interactive experience. Full-color pages feature step-by-step, photographic instructions with no
Practice & Assess
The perfect addition to any language arts curriculum! Content in each book is specifically designed to practice and assess learning from the lessons in the Interactive Notebooks. No extra prep work is needed. Practice activities and assessments include all necessary reading
research or extra work involved. 96 pages.
CD-105005 CD-105006 CD-105007
Vocabulary, Grades 4–8 Grammar, Grades 4–5 Grammar, Grades 6–8
CD-105002 CD-105003 CD-105004
Vocabulary, Grades 4–5 Vocabulary, Grades 6–8 Grammar, Grades 4–8
Grammar and Composition
Beginning with words and progressing to sentences, paragraphs, and complete composition, this book covers the parts of speech, clauses, punctuation, prose, and more. It also promotes critical thinking, provides writing practice, and supports NCTE stan- dards. 96 pages. Grades 5–8+
& Punctuation
Language Arts Tutor
Lively, non-intimidating activities enrich the learning experience for struggling learners! Stories, exercises, games, riddles, and other stimulating materials allow students to build both confidence and proficiency by mastering one concept or skill at a time. Definitions and examples on each page clearly explain the concept or skill reinforced by that activity, providing rigorous practice for college and career-readiness. 80 pages. Grades 4–8+
CD-404253 $11.99
Grammar &
Diagramming Sentences
Straight Forward Advanced English
Practice, review, and test ELA skills! Topics include the Basics; Diagramming Rules and Patterns; Nouns and Pronouns; Verbs; Modifiers; Prepositions, Conjunctions, and Special Items; Clauses and Compound-Complex Sentences. 110 pages.
Grades 7–12
REMGP075 $14.99
Diagraming Sentences
Grammar, Capitalization,
$9.99 Each CD-404181
Understanding Informational Text Features
Comprehending Functional Text
These activities will help students of all ages learn how the parts of speech fit together to make clear and complete sentences. The exercises show visual learners how to diagram sentences to help them understand why some sentences may not look or sound right. Includes fun practice activities, review activities, a glossary, and answer keys. 48 pages. CD-404008 $8.99

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