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Color & Light Exploration • Early Learning 19
Includes 20-page Guide
Exploration Tray
Giant-sized multifunctional tray is designed to fit over the Ultra Bright LED Light Panel (CTU9200, sold separately) or it can be used on a desk, on the floor–inside or out. Made from clear polycarbonate giving it incredible strength and durabil- ity–even when filled with water, it can be lifted and moved around without flexing! 221⁄4" x 171⁄3" x 4".
Ultra Bright LED Light Panel & Exploration Tray Bundle
Purchase as a set and save $30. A tremendous value! 1 CTU7414
Large, transparent silicone pieces are flexible and durable. Cleans easily with soapy water or in a dishwasher. Ages 3+
$199.99 CTU9200
Ultra Bright LED Light Panel
Slim design with rounded edges, this award-winning light panel provides a cool, clean, bright illuminated background, ideal for the investigation of light, color and shape. Features simple operation and 3 light settings. Typical life span for low-energy LEDs is approx 50,000 hours. 18" x 131⁄3" x 1⁄3". 1
Trace Alphabet
Large 43⁄4" letters include molded tracing lines
for children to follow.
26 pieces.
CTU9210 $19.99
Perception Semispheres
Trace Numbers
Yellow numbers 0-9 include molded tracing lines and arrows for writing formation. 10 pieces.
Dot Numbers
Green numbers 0-9 include the number of dots molded into each numeral to encour- age counting. 10 pieces.
Linking People
Realistic people consist of 6 families, each with 6 members that can be linked by their hands. Includes grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, girl and boy. Largest character is nearly 4". 36 pieces.
$12.99 CTU9212 $12.99 CTU9213 $24.99
Unique sensory pieces feel smooth and soft to the touch, and come in eight translucent colors. Place a Semisphere on top of an object to magnify it 4-5 times for an enlarged view in a different color. A wonder-
ful tool for free sensory play or on a light table. Each measures 2" in diameter. Set of 8. Ages Birth+ CTU9248 $59.99
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Brilliant Light Tables
This glowing and durable activity table offers over 20 static colors with options to dim, jump, fade and mix with included remote control. Eco-friendly LED strips provide up to 30,000 hours of bright chromatic light. Frame is constructed from high quality Birch plywood with our exclusive Tuff-Gloss UV finish. LED strip and acrylic surface have a 1-year warranty, wooden frame has a lifetime warranty.
Without Storage With Storage
48"W x 221⁄2"D x 18"H
WD-991304 $672.00 WD-991305 $744.00
30"W x 221⁄2"D x 18"H
WD-991312 $407.00 WD-991313 $478.00

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