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208 Middle & Upper Grades • Science
Interactive Notebooks
Encourage students to create their own learning portfolios that can be referenced throughout the year. Personalized resources help students review and study for tests. 64 pages. Grades 5–8+
Ecology & The Environment Series
Study animal classification and the difference between warm- and cold-blooded animals. Learn about the structures and functions of plant and animal cells. Explore biotic and abiotic ecosystems. Reading passages, answer keys, and tests. 60 pages, 6 mini posters. Grades 5–8; Reading Level 3–4. $14.95 Each
CCP4500 Ecosystems
CCP4501 Classification & Adaptation CCP4502 Cells
Ecology & The Environment Big Book
CCP4503 All 3 books combined.
170 pages, 18 mini posters. $29.95
Force, Motion
& Simple
Big Book
Matter & Energy Series
Learn about solids, liquids and gases, properties and changes in matter, and the difference between a mixture and a solution. Explore the invisible world of atoms and molecules and the periodic table of elements. Jam-packed with experiments, reading passages, and activities. 60 pages, 6 mini posters. Grades 5–8; Reading Level 3–4. $14.95 Each CCP4504 Properties of Matter
CCP4505 Atoms, Molecules & Elements
CCP4506 Energy
$9.99 Each CD-405008 CD-405009 CD-405010
Earth & Space Science Life Science
Physical Science
The Nature of Matter Big Book
CCP4507 All 3 books combined.
170 pages, 18 mini posters.
the Human
The 100+ SeriesTM
Essential Practice for Key Science Topics
An excellent supplement to your science curriculum! Each book includes more than 100 grade-appropri- ate activities to extend and enhance any science unit. True-to-life illustrations assist students as they learn about a wide variety of topics. Answer key included.
Discover how forces
work on contact and at
a distance. Study ac-
celerating, rotating and
oscillating motion. Learn
about the many simple
machines in everyday
life. Reading passages, answer keys, and tests. 170 pages, 18 mini posters. Grades 5–8; Reading Level 3–4.
Present basic informa-
tion about the complex
human body without
overwhelming students
with medical jargon!
Make the study of the
human body even more
fascinating with Far Out
Facts, fun tidbits of infor-
mation that will keep students on their toes.
Also included are a number of Webwise websites. 80 pages. Grades 5–8+
CD-404105 $11.99
High School Science
With content based on state and national standards, these books can be used as a stand-alone resource or as a supplement for other science materials including basals. Each book contains key terms, spe- cific topic instruction, review activities in standard- ized test format, puzzles, a glossary and a bound-in answer key. 96 pages. Grades 8–12 $16.99 Each SV-9781419004230 Biology
SV-9781419004247 Chemistry SV-9781419004254 Physical Science
128 pages.
CD-104642 CD-104640 CD-104639 CD-104641 CD-104643 CD-104644
$12.99 Each
Physical Science. Grades 5–12 Earth Science. Grades 5–8 Life Science. Grades 5–8 Human Body. Grades 5–8 Biology. Grades 6–12 Chemistry. Grades 9–12
for Middle Grades
More than 50 integrated labs encourage students to actively engage using creativity, teamwork, communication, and critical think- ing to solve real-world problems. 64 pages. Grades 5–8
CD-404250 $9.99
STEM Bulletin Board Set
Photographic charts introduce students to the career fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. Each 17" x 24" chart features inquiry-based topics to assist students in solving real-world problems. Set of 4. Grades 5–8
CD-410097 CD-408009
Bulletin Board Set
STEM Border. (12) 3" x 36' strips for a total length of 36'.

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