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Social Studies • Middle & Upper Grades  209
World Conflict Series
Explore each war's background, causes, major battles,
key figures, final outcome, and the significance to the
world today. Includes reading passages, hands-on activities, a comprehension quiz, and more. 12 mini posters.
Grades 5–8; Reading Levels 3–4. $22.95 Each CCP5512 American Wars Big Book. 90 pages.
CCP5503 World Wars I and II Big Book. 90 pages.
Mysteries in History
CCP5750 CCP5751 CCP5752 CCP5753 CCP5754 CCP5755 CCP5756
North America South America Europe
Asia Australia Antarctica
World Continents Series
Using the Five Themes of Geography, these resources present concepts using simple lan- guage and vocabulary. Includes information passages, ready-to-use activities, full-color maps, blackline student maps, and more.
60 pages, 12 mini posters. Grades 5–8;
Reading Levels 3–4.
$16.95 Each
The Americas Big Book
2 books combined. 114 pages,
24 mini posters.
Understanding the
U.S. Constitution
Activities and lessons on the birth of the Constitution, amendments, and branches of government are sure to paint a definitive picture of the workings of our government. Includes a valuable CD-ROM full of printable worksheets and interac- tive whiteboard resources.
Challenge students to explore several important unexplained events that helped shape history. Students use primary source materials, posters, and simulations to find clues and to make informed decisions about these events. There are
no “right” or “wrong” answers. These real-life mysteries encourage students to research, think, debate, and form conclusions. 144 pages. Grades 5–8
CD-ROM CD-404100
112 pages. Grades 5–8+
$18.99 Each
TCR3047 American History TCR3048 World History
U.S. History Maps
From the Ice Age to the admis- sion of the 50th state, enhance the study of any era in U.S. History. Maps are designed to
be easily reproduced, projected, or scanned. Classroom activities and brief explanations of histori- cal events are included. 96 pages. Grades 5–8+
CD-1336 $13.99
TCR3049 Ancient History
United States Government Bulletin Board Set
Meet people who changed the course of history!
Inventions: 1810-1965 Bulletin Board Set
From lifesaving medical devices to simple modern conveniences, explore the inventions that impact our daily lives. Each 11" x 17" poster features three inventions in a designated category, providing fun facts about the inventors and the origin of their inventions. 8 pieces.
NS-3076 $11.99
Teach students about the 3 branches of government and how they interact. Content-rich pieces inspire discussions and further learning about the U.S. government. Includes header, 26 stars/star clusters, 3 branch charts,
The Constitution, and Checks and Balances chart. 32 pieces, up to 18". T-8068 $11.99
Great Women of America Bulletin Board Set
Explore the lives of women whose intelligence, determination, talents, and creativity helped define and advance American culture. Each 11" x 17" poster introduces 3 prominent historical figures and familiarizes students with their achievements. 8 pieces.
NS-3077 $11.99

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