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Classroom Décor • Posters
ARGUS® Posters Combo Packs
Reinvent your classroom with themed displays!
These packs are a great way to motivate students, reinforce positive behavior, and sustain interest in learning. Six 133⁄8" x 19" posters per pack.
$20.99 Each
TA-67935 Make the Effort
TA-67936 Goal-Getter
TA-67937 Life Lessons
TA-67938 Kindness Matters
TA-67922 Get Motivated
TA-67909 Think Positively
TA-67913 Character Choices
TA-6682 Building Character
TA-67908 Life Signs
TA-6681 Character Traits
TA-6685 Sports Motivating
TA-67924 Attitude Matters

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