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214 Classroom Décor • Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset
Bulletin Board Set
Positivity and motivation will flourish in your class- room! Simple graphics and motivational phrases inspire students to train their brains with a positive attitude. 29 pieces.
CD-110441 $12.99
Believe in Your #Selfie
Bulletin Board Set
Help students to think positively about themselves, build self-confidence, and develop a growth mindset! Set contains 6 motivational headlines, 17" x 22" positive thinking chart, 30 student smartphones,
and more. 41 pieces.
Growing Hearts & Minds
Bulletin Board Set
A colorful way to promote a growth mindset envi- ronment! Also a fun display for student photos, hand- prints, seasonal embellishments, and more. Includes a 22" x 333⁄4" tree, a 91⁄2" trunk extension, 56 precut hearts, 4 page reproducible, and more. 65 pieces.
NS-3215 $12.99
Watercolor Hearts Accents. 31⁄2"–4", 48 pieces
Soar to Your Potential
Bulletin Board Set
Encourage students as they experience daily difficulties and setbacks, then celebrate with them as they overcome challenges and soar to new heights of their potential. Set includes a 151⁄4" x 203⁄4" “Soar to Your Potential” title piece, three large kites, and accents. 28 pieces.
Soar with a New Mindset
Mini Bulletin Board Set
Teach your students the importance of a growth mindset! Includes header, 2 mini charts, 8 small clouds, 8 fixed mindset clouds, and 8 growth mindset hot air balloons. 27 pieces.
Kite Accents. 3"-6", 40 pieces
$12.99 $5.49
Growth Mindset
Bulletin Board Set
Phrase cards build self-confidence and remind students to be positive when faced with chal- lenges. Includes a 17" x 8" Mindset Matters banner plus one write-on/wipe-off card to customize. 10 pieces.
SC-823625 $12.99
What is Your Mindset?
Bulletin Board Set
A great visual reminder for students that changing their thoughts and words can have a big impact on end results. Each of the 12 posters measures 12" x 9" and includes a positive statement designed to build self-confidence and encourage student achievement. 28 pieces.
TCR8882 $12.99
Be Amazing
Bulletin Board Set
Remind students to “Be” the best that they can be with this colorful display! The 35 brightly colored words and 11 star accents promote positive thinking and good manners. The “Be” title piece measures 121⁄2" x 111⁄2". 47 pieces.
TCR8881 $12.99

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