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Calendars • Classroom Décor 217
Galaxy Calendar Set
Everything you need to create a display that helps students stay up-to-date with days, months, seasons, holidays, and more. Includes 23" x 17" calendar,
111⁄4" x 151⁄2" motivational poster, monthly headers, calendar cover- ups, and more. 80 pieces. CD-110437
Mid-Century Mod Calendar Set
Retro-inspired patterns and colors for a modern vintage style! Set includes a calendar chart, 12 month headlines, pre- numbered and blank calendar days, days-of-the-week chart, seasons and weather chart, and more. 67 pieces.
Aim High Calendar Set
Stay on schedule with this contemporary calendar display! Set includes a
23" x 17" calendar, monthly headers, calendar cover-ups, days-of-the-week chart,
weather chart, and more. 86 pieces.
Polka Dot School
Calendar Set
Inspire smiles every day with a polka dot calendar. Includes a blank calendar, easy-to-read number pieces, colorful monthly headers, and additional pieces
for holidays and special occasions. 24" x 18". Over 65 UV coated pieces. TCR4188 $12.99
Peanuts® Calendar Set
The Peanuts® gang can be part of your classroom with this fun calendar set that incorporates two different Snoopy poses. Includes Giant 34" x 24" Calendar,
12 month headings, 35 dates, 54 special day markers and more. 112 pieces.
Year Around Calendar Set
Month headers, weather graph, and season labels make learning fun on a daily basis. 171⁄2" x 231⁄4" calendar is precut to hold dates in place. 106 pieces.
T-8096 $12.99
Star Calendar Set
Rainbow-bright colors and lots of extras! Includes 12 month headers, 62 special days, two sets of 33 date markers, weather and season labels, and more. Calendar is 26" x 31". 165 pieces.
T-8194 $12.99

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