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218 Classroom Décor • Holidays & Seasons
Seasonal Borders
Colorful trims for your bulletin boards! 35' per pack. $3.99 Each
Welcome Autumn
Bulletin Board Set
Use harvest time to illustrate counting, sorting, grouping, and simple math story problems. Photo realistic set features a cart (311⁄4" x 83⁄4"), 36 pumpkins, 45 apples, 3 baskets, 4 signs, and seasonal fall flag banner. 105 pieces.
NS-3500 $13.49
Fall Things
Bulletin Board Set
Lively animals, food of the harvest, and fall pastimes spark discussions and create a backdrop for storytelling. Display pieces separately or together for a fun fall scene. 26 pieces, up to 25".
CTP7113 Maple Leaves
CTP6810 Snow Flurries
CTP2679 Happy St. Patrick’s Day
Seasonal Trimmer Set
CTP6808 Holiday Lights in Chalk
CTP2678 Rainbow Hearts
CTP2680 Springtime Blooms
Set includes 3 scalloped and 3 straight borders for year-round decorating! Each scalloped border has 13 strips and measures 21⁄4" x 36' for a total of 39'. Each
straight border has 12 strips and measures 3' x 3" for a total of 36'.
Super Snowman Bulletin Board Set
Cheerful snowman brings winter to life! Includes 2-piece snowman, 6 friends, sled, mug, pair of skates and boots, and 22 snowflakes. Snowman is 48" tall assembled. 36 pieces.
T-8127 $12.99
Seasonal Bundle Pack
3-Pack Mini Bulletin Board Set
Seasonal decorations for the entire
year! Includes: Fall (51 pieces),
Winter (50 pieces), and Spring (48 pieces) with a 4-page teacher resource guide and reproducible. 149 pieces.
Adjusts from 46" to 60" tall!
Door Opens!
Big Oak Tree
Bulletin Board Set
Cheerful critters welcome and celebrate students, introduce subjects, feature student work and more. Includes 3-part tree, 36 leaves, 30 acorns, removable door and 6 forest friends. 76 pieces.
T-8026 $12.99
Spring Things
Bulletin Board Set
Use pieces separately or together to create an inviting spring scene that sparks storytelling and teaches young learners about the spring season. Largest piece is 17" x 11". 31 pieces.
T-8171 $10.99

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