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Birthdays • Classroom Décor  219
Color My World Birthday
Mini Bulletin Board Set
Cheerful set includes 12 month cake slices,
12 candles, a happy birthday header (2 pieces), 1 celebrate header, and 18 stars. 45 pieces.
Just Teach Happy Birthday
Mini Bulletin Board Set
This cheerful bulletin board set makes it easy to display your students’ birthdays! Set includes 351⁄4" x 81⁄4" banner, 201⁄4" x 51⁄2" banner, 12 birthday hats, and 11 balloons. 27 pieces.
Chalkboard Brights
Our Class Birthdays
Mini Bulletin Board Set
Includes 12 months with colorful matching strips and 36 cards for writing students’ names. Header piece measures 21" x 5". 61 pieces.
EU-847068 EU-845100
Happy Birthday
Bake ShopTM
Bulletin Board Set
Teach students the months of the year or cel- ebrate birthdays and accomplishments. 3-piece baker measures 48" tall fully assembled. Includes 38 cupcakes, 38 tags, and more. 93 pieces. T-8350
Dr. Seuss® Happy Birthday
Mini Bulletin Board Set
Celebrate your students’ birthdays with Dr. Seuss! Includes 12 cupcakes for each month of the year, 41 candles, 13 character cut outs, and a 4 piece birthday header. 70 pieces.
Color My World Birthday Deco Trim®. 21⁄4" x 37'
$3.49 EU-847050 $8.99
T-85113 Zigzag Motif Bolder Borders®. 23⁄4" x 353⁄4'
Chalkboard Brights Circles Die-Cut Border. 23⁄4" x 35' $3.99
Mid-Century Mod Donuts Border.
23⁄4" x 35' $3.99
Mid-Century Mod Happy Birthday
Mini Bulletin Board Set
A sweet, retro-inspired color palette gives these donuts a playful look that is sure to delight students on their special day! 20 pieces.
Monkey Mischief® Birthday
Bulletin Board Set
Make birthdays memorable! Includes 12 monkeys, 14 balloon bouquets,
1 banner, and 3 scenes. 30 pieces.
T-8341 $13.99
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Owl-Stars!® Birthday
Bulletin Board Set
Create festive displays with the Happy Birthday header, 12 month cupcakes, 40 labels, and 4 owl party guests. 57 pieces, up to 21".

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