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222 Classroom Décor • Language Arts
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Dr. SeussTM Reading Tips
Mini Bulletin Board Set
Set includes 8 panels with helpful reading tips: Have Fun Reading, Share What You Read, Remember You Can Go Back, Read All The Words You Know, Get Ready To Read, Read Carefully, Read Every Day, and Look At All The Pictures.
Dr. SeussTM 3-D Read Bulletin Board Set
Contains 1 full size poster & sev- eral die-cut characters & words. Pieces layer together with includ- ed foam tape to create a great dimensional display. Also comes with three inspiring quotes from Dr. SeussTM.
Dr. SeussTM Books
Mini Bulletin Board Set
Includes 12 book covers and 21 die-cut illustrations. EU-847041
Signs of a
Fluent Reader
Mini Bulletin Board Set This set reinforces the components of reading flu- ency to help students build confidence. Includes 21" x 6" header, 42" x 6" sign post, 5 signs, and 16 voice prompts. 31 pieces. Grades 1–5 CD-110384
Literary Genres
Bulletin Board Set
Styled after vintage movie posters, this innovative set acquaints students with major genres of literature. Includes 8 posters, 11" x 17" each.
NS-3045 $11.99
Colorful Chalkboard Chart Sets
Display these motivational resource tools for easy student reference. Set of 5 charts, 17" x 22" each.
Includes The Writing Process, Be More Descriptive, Word Families, Contractions,
and 10 Great Ways to Treat Others.
CD-144348 $16.99 CD-144347 $16.99
Includes Great Reasons to Read, How to Choose the Right Book, Things Good Readers Do, Parts of Speech, and 10 Ways to Be a Great Student.

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