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Science • Classroom Décor  225
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Bulletin Board Set
Get kids thinking about helping the Earth as they sort photos of real-life objects into Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle bins. This interactive set includes tips for making the most of natural resources. 38 pieces, up to 17".
Think Like a Scientist
Mini Bulletin Board Set
Remind students of the steps of the scientific meth- od. The teacher’s guide suggests several science proj- ect ideas. Header piece measures 21" x 6". 21 pieces.
Science Rules
Bulletin Board Set
These labels, lab objects, banner and mini poster help teach the scientific meth- od. Features 36 beakers to personalize or use to form groups, review vocabulary, chart data, and much more! 51 pieces.
Bulletin Board Set
Show students the surprisingly broad reach of science! Each 11" x 17" poster features three scien- tists who have contributed signifi- cantly to a field of scientific study, providing details about their lives, research, and the impact of their contributions. 8 pieces.
NS-3071 $11.99
Science in Action Time Link
Discover the real-life application of the scientific method with this overview of
discoveries by influential scientists. 88"L x 75⁄8"H.
Dinosaur Bulletin Boards
These exclusive sets contain images and articles right from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. It’s like bringing the exhibits to your classroom!
How Dinosaurs Became Extinct
Mini Bulletin Board Set
Set includes eight 6" x 21" panels: What Doomed the Dinosaurs?, How Did They Die?, What Survived?, How Fossils Formed, Visual Time Line, and Cause of Extinction. 8 pieces. EU-847712 $8.99
Amazing Dinosaurs
Set includes a 34" x 24" Triceratops poster, a 17" x 24" Amazing Dinosaurs poster, and four 12" x 17" posters: Big Meals, Mate & Rival, and 2 Remains. 6 pieces.
EU-847561 $14.99
What Makes a Dino a Dino?
Set includes three 17" x 24" posters: What Makes a Dinosaur?, Time Period, and Age of Dinosaurs, and four 12" x 17" mini posters: What is Paleontology?, Discovering Dinosaurs, Hell Creek Formation, and What is a Fossil?
7 pieces.
EU-847560 $14.99
12" x 45".
EU-849281 $5.49

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