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Clingy Thingies® • Classroom Décor  227
Made with a special cling technology, Clingy Thingies® are not sticky to the touch, yet they stick to any smooth surface and can be easily removed. Use again and again without leaving any mess or residue. Lint or dirt simply rinses off with water. Plus, the write- on/wipe-off surface makes them even more versatile! Not recommended in areas exposed to extreme heat or direct sunlight.
Large Note Sheets
Write-on/wipe-off surface. 12" x 17".
TCR77348 Chalkboard Brights TCR77353 Burlap
Write-on/wipe-off surface in 3 sizes. 61⁄2" x 21⁄8"
Home Sweet Classroom Positive Sayings
Sizes vary from 3"-10". 11 pieces. TCR77875 $11.99
Home Sweet Classroom Motivational Gallery Signs Today sign is 163⁄4" x 25⁄8". 20 pieces.
Write-on/wipe-off surface.
Confetti Positive Sayings
Largest piece approx. 103⁄8" x 21⁄2". 10 pieces. TCR77326 $11.99
Sizes vary from 11⁄2"-41⁄2". 21 pieces.
TCR77318 $11.99
$11.99 Each TCR77873 Home Sweet Classroom
Weekly Schedule
Small Note Sheet with Pen
Includes a dry-erase pen that clings to note sheet and fea- tures a built-in eraser. 7" x 10". $7.99 Each
TCR77345 Chalkboard Brights TCR77346 Burlap
TCR77874 Home Sweet
Chalkboard Brights
Sizes vary from 31⁄4" x 31⁄4" to 63⁄4" x 3". 12 pieces.
TCR77320 $11.99
$11.99 Each
Storage Pockets
10 pieces, 161⁄8" x 13⁄8" each.
TCR77339 Chalkboard Brights
$11.99 Each
TCR77321 Chalkboard Brights, 13 pieces.
TCR77325 Confetti, 15 pieces. 93⁄4" x 2"
TCR77330 Marquee, 13 pieces.
Hooks & Clips
Base measures approx. 31⁄8" in diameter. Pack of 4.
$5.99 Each
Chalkboard Brights
TCR77341 Light Blue Marquee
TCR77342 Burlap
TCR77343 Gold Shimmer with White Polka Dots
1"D x 51⁄8"W x 61⁄4"H. Contents not included.
Adhesive Squares
Turn anything into a “Clingy Thingy” with these special 1" adhesive squares! 50 pieces. TCR77344 $7.99
$9.99 Each
Bold Block Letters
Includes 52 letters and 11 punc- tuation marks. Letters are 13⁄4" H. 63 pieces. $11.99 Each
Chalkboard Brights
TCR77354 Chalkboard Brights Hooks
TCR77355 Marquee Stars Hooks
TCR77374 Confetti Clips
TCR77375 Burlap Clips
Calendar Sets
Each 17" x 12" calendar includes 140 repositionable accents and labels for colorful, eye-catching reminders! $19.99 Each TCR77349 Chalkboard Brights
TCR77350 Burlap
TCR77872 Home Sweet Classroom
61⁄2"x 3"
93⁄4" x 2"
43⁄4"x 3"
61⁄2" x 21⁄8"
43⁄4" x 2"
3"x 21⁄4"
43⁄4" x 2"

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