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22 Early Learning • Fine Motor Skills
Small Pegs Activity Set
Simply push the 3⁄8" pegs into the transparent board to match the colorful pattern or activity under- neath, or use your imagination! Set includes 600 pegs in 6 bright colors, 4 clear 61⁄4" pegboards and 15 double-sided activity cards. Ages 3+ 1 CTU39472
Stringing Pegs
& PegboardTM Set
Quality designed stringing pegs are engineered for easy grasping. Includes 24 pattern cards with vary- ing levels of difficulty, 32 large string pegs (21⁄2" tall), a 25-hole crepe rubber pegboard and 36" laces in 4 different colors. Colors may vary. Ages 3+ LR-2419 $19.99
Primary Peg Sets
A fun activity for expressing creativity and developing eye-hand coordination, spatial orientation and color recognition skills. Each set includes a 121⁄4" x 81⁄4" transparent pegboard, 6 pattern cards, and multiple pegs in assorted colors.
Neon Pegs
A classic activity that develops eye- hand coordination, color discrimina- tion and creativity. The 121⁄4" x 81⁄4" transparent pegboard allows children to follow the pattern underneath or use their imagination to create their own designs. Pegs measure 3⁄8". Set includes 1 pegboard, 180 pegs and 6 patterns. Ages 3–6 1
Ages 3–6
MIN31804 MIN31805 MIN31806
3⁄8" Pegs, 240 pieces 5⁄8" Pegs, 160 pieces 3⁄4" Pegs, 100 pieces
$19.99 Each
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Tall-StackersTM Pegs
Building Set
This first building set starts with a large, 100-hole Lauri® crepe rubber base pegboard where kids will start their 3-dimensional adventure. With 100 colorful 25⁄8" tall
pegs and 17 Lauri® crepe rubber tower pegboards of various colors, shapes, and sizes, the building possibilities are endless. Ages 3+ LR-2450 $43.99
Tall-StackersTM Pegs & Pegboards
Tall stacking pegs are easy to grasp and place. Plastic pegs are 25⁄8" tall and come in 5 colors. Lauri® crepe rub- ber pegboard is washable and flexible. Colors may vary. Ages 2+
LR-2444 Tall-StackersTM Set. 25 pegs, 8" board with
36 holes $14.99
LR-2446 Large Tall-StackersTM Set. 50 pegs, 111⁄2" board
Tall-StackersTM Mighty Monkey®
Pegs & Pegboard Set
Kids will enjoy using their imagination to create their own Mighty Monkey formations and seeing how high they can stack the 25⁄8" monkeys! Each monkey’s leg acts as a peg and can be used with all Lauri® Tall- Stackers pegboards and pegs. Includes 25 Tall- Stackers Mighty Monkey Pegs and crepe rubber pegboard with 36 holes. Colors may vary. Ages 2+ LR-2452 $19.99
LR-2438 Set of 50
LR-2439 Set of 100
Pegboards Only
LR-2422 Big-Little PegboardTM. 8" board with 36 holes
$6.99 LR-2421 Large Pegboard. 111⁄2" board with 100 holes
with 100 holes
Tall-StackersTM Pegs Only
$15.99 $29.99

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