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Fine Motor Skills • Early Learning 23
Lacing Buttons
Big buttons with 1 to 5 holes in bright colors. Ideal for sequencing and sorting, as well as developing mathematical and motor skills. Each button has a number in relief and its equivalent Braille symbol. Over 3'L. Ages 3–6 1
Wooden Beads
& Pattern Cards Set
Colorful wooden spheres, cubes and cylinders provide plenty of patterning practice. Set includes 108 beads in 6 colors and 3 shapes, two 36" black laces, and 20 activity cards. Beads measure 3⁄4" to 7⁄8". Ages 3+ 1 , 4
Bead & Laces
Solid plastic beads in 5 different shapes are a
great way to strengthen fine motor skills. Full-color activity cards feature different sequencing patterns, classifications, and linking exercises. Laces are over
6 colors & 3 shapes
MIN31791 MIN31715
40-Piece Set. 40 buttons,
12 activity cards and 5 laces in a suitcase box
140-Piece Set. 140 buttons, 24 activity cards and 10 laces in a storage jar
$13.99 $29.99
LER0139 LER0140
Beads & Pattern Cards Set $29.99 Beads only. 108 beads and 2 laces
Lace & Trace Panels
Everyone will enjoy the ins and outs of lacing with these colorful, wooden lacing pan- els. Each set contains 5 dou- ble-sided lacing panels, plus 5 thick, color-coordinated laces!
3'L. Ages 3–6
MIN31783 MIN31745
1, 4
Activity Shapes. 40 1" beads,
12 activity cards and 5 laces in a suitcase box $13.99 Giant Beads & Laces. 60 13⁄8" beads, 24 activity cards and 10 laces in a
storage jar
Alphabet Lacing Cards
This value-packed learning set has a shaped
lacing board for every letter of the alphabet.
Each one features a colorful illustration on one
side and a label on the back, complete with oversize uppercase and lowercase letters. Ages 3+
Basic Skills Board
Zipping, Buckling, Snapping, Lacing & Tying Getting dressed won’t be such a puzzle once these skills are mastered! Each skill is contained on a sepa- rate, wooden puzzle piece for easy practice. 6 pieces. 151⁄2" x 111⁄2". Ages 3+
Ages 3+ LCI3781 Farm LCI3782 Pets
$9.99 Each
Lacing & TracingTM Activities
Colorful, heavy-duty chipboard lies flat for smoother tracing of fun shapes and animals. Laces are 36" long with easy-to- thread 1" tips. Pieces vary from 4" to 7" in
size. Ages 3+ LR-2561 Shapes LR-2562 Animals
Extra Laces
$6.99 Each
24 colorful laces for lacing and stringing activities. Lauri laces are 36"L with 1" tips for easy handling. Assorted colors. LR-2594 $5.49
I Can Tie My Shoes!
Learning Fun Lacing Cards
Includes 6 different lacing cards and 6 multicolored 36" laces with safe plastic tips. No reading required. Directions in English, Spanish, and French. Ages 4+ KE-846000 $13.99
Product Safety See inSide front cover

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