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So Much Pun! • Classroom Collections  249
Class Jobs
Mini Bulletin Board Set
Colorful set features funny memes about classroom jobs that students
Tree-mendous Bulletin Board Set
Use this oversized tree and encouraging message puns to promote positive thinking and build a positive classroom
Positive Phrases & Reminders Mini Bulletin Board Set
A fun way to bring humor into the classroom to motivate
and teachers will love! 17 pieces.
community. 46" x 53" tree. 16 pieces.
students and provide helpful reminders! 18 pieces.
I'm a Big Dill! Reward Badge
Self-adhesive, approx.
31⁄4". Pack of 36.
More from the So Much Pun! Collection
CTP3119 Welcome Banner
CTP3108 Calendar Set
CTP8490 Doodle Dots on Yellow Border CTP8496 Loop-de-Loop Border
$5.99 $12.99 $3.99 $3.99
Inspire U® Positive Posters 4-Pack
Set of 4 posters, 133⁄8" x 19" each.
CTP8521 $13.96 $3.99 Each
So Much Pun! Bulletin Board Set
3" x 35 feet per pack.
CTP8419 Say Watt?
CTP8420 Donuts
Positively Punny
Doodle Stars on Lime
Color-Dotted Swirl
A fun and innovative way to feature outstanding work, motivate students, and promote positive thinking. Includes 171⁄2" X 24" chart with definition of pun and examples, 7 punny classroom display signs, 36 student pieces, and more. 46 pieces.
6" Designer Cut-Outs
Add a dash of fun to the classroom! 36 pieces.
$12.99 $6.49 Each
Punny Rewards Stickers
Perfect for rewarding students and telling them they did a "grape job!" Approx. 11⁄4"-2". Pack of 55. CTP8453 $3.49
So Much Pun! CTP8227 6 designs
Donut... CTP8454
1 design
Say Watt? CTP8229 1 design
Let's Taco 'bout... CTP8455 3 designs

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