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Owl-Stars!® • Classroom Collections  257
Calendar Set
Tree House
Board Set
Whoooo does what? Check the tree and you’ll see! 10 unique owl houses are nestled into this cozy tree, awaiting jobs and student names. Tree adjusts to 48" tall. Includes 36 owls, moon, bat, stars, and bugs.
54 pieces.
T-8360 $13.99
Set includes a 171⁄2" x 231⁄4" calendar, weather graph, weather wheel, seasons card with slider, 33 numbers, 12 month headers, 44 special days, blank header,
and Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow sliders. 100 pieces.
Quotable Expressions®
5 feet tall.
T-25072 $5.99
T-92358 Blue Pattern Owl-Stars!®
T-92359 Owl-Stars!®
Terrific Trimmers®
Add the perfect finishing touch to any display! 21⁄4" x 39' per pack. $3.99 Each
Welcome Bulletin Board Set
Greet students and guests, or introduce a variety of subjects. Includes an eye- catching banner and 36 versatile Owl-Stars!® accents. Use as name tags, job assignments, and more. Two-piece banner is 551⁄4" long. 38 pieces, up to 551⁄4".
Two sliding houses highlight one letter at a time.
T-85125 Bolder Borders®. 23⁄4" x 353⁄4'.
Alphabet Line
Study Habits
Board Set
Brilliantly patterned owls keep kids on track with positive behavior and good study habits. 14 pieces, up to 18". T-8361 $12.99
Standard Manuscript with uppercase and lowercase letter pairs; 81⁄2" x 123⁄4' fully assembled. Includes 9 let- ter strips, 2 adjustable house sliders, and 18 accents. 31 pieces, up to 171⁄2".
Desk Toppers®
Name Plates
Variety Pack
Four designs in each pack! Guidelines are included for printing practice. 91⁄2" x 27⁄8".
32 per pack.
T-69910 $4.99
Number Line -20 to 120
Charming owl abodes highlight numbers— even and odd! Includes 14 strips of 10 numbers plus 4 sliding houses, a zero piece, 12 odd and even labels, 6 Owl- Stars!® Clips, and 12 accents. Complete line approximately 40' long. 49 pieces. T-8299 $14.99

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