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24 Early Learning • Colors, Shapes & Counting
LER4285 LER4287
Set of 100 Set of 1,000
LER7584 LER7585 LER7586
Set of 100 Set of 500 Set of 1,000
$59.99 $109.99
Jumbo Unifix® Cubes
Little hands will love these easy-to-handle chunky connecting cubes! Just like tradi- tional Unifix Cubes, these snap together easily and stay connected, yet can be pulled apart with minimal effort. Includes 20 cubes, 11⁄2" on all sides, in four bright colors. Activity ideas included. Ages 3+
Four times as big as standard Unifix Cubes!
MathLink® Cubes Early Math Starter Set
This 115-piece set pairs colorful hands-on MathLink cubes with activity cards focused on addition, subtraction, patterning, sequencing and more. In addition to providing a hands-on visual aid to math lessons, the set’s MathLink Cubes also
Snap Cubes®
Plastic cubes in 10 colors connect on all 6 sides. Easy for little hands to connect and twist apart. Can be used in place of any 3⁄4" cube and fit in Unifix® apparatus and mate- rials. Includes Activity Guide. Ages 5+ 1
double as an open-ended building toy! Ages 4+
MathLink® Cubes Only Ages 5+
$12.99 $119.99
Sensational MathTM KidCountersTM
Unique “kid-shaped” plastic blocks connect horizontally and vertically for endless counting, patterning and sequencing activities! Includes 100 KidCountersTM (10 each of 10 colors), 25 two- sided, full-color, self-checking activity cards, and a teacher’s guide. Ages 4–6
2" x 2" size is easy-to-handle for little hands.
1 to 10 Counting Cans
Colorful, familiar fruits and veggies introduce early math and are great for imaginative play too! Cans are labeled with numeral, word and picture for extra support. Includes 55 plastic fruits and vegetables in 10 durable cardboard cans
Latches Board
Undo a latch, swing open the numbered door, and count on fun when the picture beneath is revealed on this wooden play board! Build fine motor skills while learning colors, numbers, animals and more! 151⁄2" x 111⁄2". Ages 3+
with lids. 66 pieces. Ages 3+
Geometric Stacker
Great for building early shape, color and size differentiation skills! Features 25 colorful wooden pieces to match and stack on three rods. 11"L x 31⁄2"W x 81⁄2"H. Ages 2+
Shape Sorting Cube
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Inviting, chunky shapes–bumpy on one side, smooth on the other–slide over 25⁄8" pegs. Promotes finger dexterity, eye-hand coordination, and sorting skills. Includes 25 double-thick crepe rubber shapes, 111⁄2" long rubber sorting board and 5 removable pegs. Colors may vary. Ages 2+
LR-2114 $14.99
Features 12 chunky, vibrantly colored shapes that make a satisfying ‘clink’ as they drop into the natural finished hardwood cube! Then open the lid, take them out, and start all over again! Ages 2+
Shape & Color Sorter

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