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262 Classroom Collections • Pete the Cat®
Calendar Kit
Pete and his friends help students track the days of the week, spe- cial days, and weather througout the year! Includes 233⁄4" x 171⁄2" calendar grid, 91⁄2" x 12" weather chart, 33 date cards, 30 special day cover-ups, and more.
Keeping It
Cool In...
Bulletin Board Set
This giant Pete the Cat® is over 3' tall! Set includes 30 shoes, 16 buttons, 1 bird, a “Keeping it Cool” header, and PreK–3rd Grade labels. 65 pieces.
EP-62388 EP-62639 EP-63268
Calendar Kit
Welcome Banner. 16" x 48" School is Cool Border. 3" x 39'
$12.99 $6.99 $3.99
Pete the Cat motivates students to learn with a rockin’ classroom bulletin board!
Includes large banner piece, 36 colorful shoes, and more. 46 pieces.
Numbers 0-20 Bulletin Board Set
Let Pete the Cat® help teach numbers with this colorful bulletin board set. Each number from 0-20 is represented on its own piece. The “All About the Number” header represents the number in word, picture, and tally form. Largest piece is about 143⁄4" x 161⁄2". 63 pieces.
Pete the Cat® Border. 3" x 39'
Name Tags/Labels
Self-adhesive, 31⁄2" x 21⁄2".
Library Pockets
Pack of 36.
31⁄2" x 5". Pack of 35.
We’re Rocking in Our Learning Shoes
Bulletin Board Set
Mini Bulletin Board Sets
Each set includes teacher guide with activities and reproducibles.
9" x 23⁄4". Pack of 36.
Are Groovy!
Celebrate special days with Pete the Cat! Includes “Birthdays Are Groovy!” banner, 12 month head- ers, and 36 pieces for student names. 49 pieces.
Classroom Jobs
Get students excited about helping out in the classroom with this groovy job chart starring Pete! Includes 10 Pete sign pieces for jobs and 36 skateboards for student names. 47 pieces.
EP-60348 $7.99
Groovy Accents
$5.99 Each
How Am I Doing?
Students get a visual reminder of what behav- ior is expected in the classroom. 47 pieces. EP-63926 $7.99
Approx. 51⁄4" x 7". 6 each of 6 designs, 36 pieces. EP-63233 Shoes
EP-63236 Buttons
© 1999, 2010 James Dean by arrangement with MerryMakers, Inc. Pete the Cat is a Registered Trademark of James Dean, US Reg. #3820216, #4903976

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