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Star WarsTM • Classroom Collections  265
45" x 12".
4" Deco Letters
Punch-out, reusable letters are printed on long- lasting coated paper. Contains 110 characters.
EU-849721 EU-849736 EU-849276 STEM
$5.49 Each
$8.99 Each EU-845060 EU-845278
Star Wars Super Troopers
Do or Do Not
Be a Super Trooper!
Lesson Plan
Bulletin Board Set
These droids will bring the force to any room or hall- way! 15-piece set includes 38" C-3PO, 25" R2-D2, 21" BB-8, and additional die-cut pieces.
EU-847633 $13.99
Provides pages to record 40 weeks of attendance, assignments and more. Spiral-bound. EU-866274
Extra Wide Deco Trim®
12 strips, 31⁄4"W x 37'L. Total of 37 feet.
$5.99 Each
Designed with a notch to hook over the page in any book. 2" x 6", pack of 36. $4.99 Each
EU-834208 Good Book EU-834381 Hope
Welcome to the Galaxy Bulletin Board Set
Includes 34" x 24" galaxy window, 3 character windows, 3 header frames, 1 Millennium Falcon, 1 poster and 15
various die-cut pieces. 24 pieces.
BB-8 Die-Cut
Star WarsTM
Super Troopers
Super Troopers Welcome
Mini Bulletin Board Set
Includes 8 blank frames, 7 character circles, and a Welcome sign. 17 pieces.
EU-847715 $8.99
Super Troopers Deco Trim®
12 strips, 21⁄4"W x 37"L. Total of 37 feet.
EU-845287 $3.99
These characters can go around just about anything– doorways, boards, windows and more! 9 pieces. EU-842491 $8.99

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