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266 Classroom Essentials • Time Management
Time Tracker®
Visual Timer & Clock
Stay on track with this modern electronic timer! Easily program green, yellow, and red sections to indicate that time is running out. Features 180° viewing, large, easy-to-read display, volume control, and pause fea- ture. Measures 8"H x 4" diameter. Requires 4 “AAA” (not included) and 2 “LR44” batteries (included),
or AC Adapter, sold separately.
LER6900 Time Tracker®
LER6989 AC Adapter
Magnetic Time Tracker®
Our visual timer is now more visible than ever! Features clear, 3-color lighted display and simple-to-program alarms (1 minute to 24 hours) plus it adheres to any magnetic surface! Alarms can be visual, audio or both. Use handy flip-out stand for tabletop use. Includes 3 “LR44” button-cell batteries.
Time to Go Timers
Time to Go Timers let you know how much time is left. Alarm sounds when time has expired. Magnetic back, perfect for whiteboards and other magnetic surfaces. Wind-up, no batteries required!
Simple Stopwatch
Only 3 buttons–green for go, red for stop and yellow for clear. Easy-to-read display shows minutes, seconds and 1⁄100 seconds. Measures 3"H. Requires one 1.5V but- ton-cell battery, included. LER0808 $9.99
Solar or battery operated!
$39.99 $10.99
ASH50100 ASH50102
3" Time to Go Timer
61⁄4" Big Time to Go Timer
$19.99 $24.99
Dual Power Timer Set
Big Time Too
Up/Down Timer
Large digital display shows minutes and seconds as timer counts up or down 1–100 minutes. Magnet and stand on back. Requires one “AAA” battery, not included. 21⁄2" x 21⁄2". ASH10210 $9.99
Wind-Up Timers
Use for testing, recess, naps, time manage- ment, etc. 60-minute timer with bell.
No batteries required. 3"H. $7.99 Each
The Big Timer
Super-Strong magnet on back!
Handy-sized timers can time up or down to 99 min- utes and 59 seconds. A beeping alarm is sounded when the time has been reached. Color-coded for easy identification. Includes built-in mounting slot and stand for hands-free use. 21⁄2" x 21⁄2" timer with 2" x 1" display. Set of 5.
Large magnetic timer features a 60-minute countdown. Bell rings when time has elapsed. Wind-up, no batter- ies required! Easy to see, 71⁄2" diameter. ASH10205 $19.99
Big Red Timer
Large digital display shows up
to 99 minutes and 59 seconds as timer counts up or down. Magnet and stand on back. Includes alarm. Requires one LR44 button battery, included. 33⁄4" x 21⁄2". ASH10207 $12.99
Large Each measures 31⁄4" x 63⁄8". $15.99 Each
Sand Timers
Handy, durable, plastic timers with colored sand. 1
Combo Pack
Includes 1 each of 1, 2, 3 and 5 minute timers.
$39.99 SmartTimeTM
Large screen size. 4 quick pre-sets for repetitive timing, or set your own desired time. Magnets, hook and built-in stand on back. 4" x 3".
ASH50000 Apple ASH50001 Owl
ASH50002 Frog
$9.99 Each
Great for games, timed tests, and time management
Easy 3-button operation
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Small Each measures 1" x 31⁄2".
Each measures 21⁄2" x 5".
Pack of 4.
TCR20646 TCR20647 TCR20661 TCR20662 TCR20682
$4.99 Each
1 Minute 2 Minute 3 Minute 5 Minute 10 Minute
TCR20755 TCR20756 TCR20757 TCR20758
30 Second 1 Minute 90 Second 2 Minute
TCR20759 TCR20760 TCR20761 TCR20762
3 Minute 4 Minute 5 Minute 10 Minute
TCR20657 TCR20658 TCR20659 TCR20660 TCR20675
1 Minute 2 Minute 3 Minute 5 Minute 10 Minute

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