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Time Management • Classroom Essentials  267
Time Timer TWIST®
This easy-to-set 90-minute timer features a magnetic back allow- ing visual time management right where you need it! Requires 1 “AAA” battery, not included.
31⁄2" diameter.
Digital Version of the Time Timer!
The Timer PLUS®
This award winning visual timer operates quietly (no loud ticking!) and comes in multiple durations for any activity in the classroom from station rotations, clean up and taking turns. Optional audible alert at the end of timing includes a volume control dial. Requires 1 “AA” battery, not included. 51⁄2" x 7". $41.45 Each TTMP7 60 Minute Timer, Charcoal Gray TTMP7WHT 60 Minute Timer, White
TTM05 5 Minute Timer, White NEW! TTM20 20 Minute Timer, White TTM120 120 Minute Timer, White
Time Timer MOD®
The original visual timer that shows exactly how much time is left so that class- room transitions are easier and for teaching the concept of time. The Time Timer® operates quietly (no loud ticking!), so it is perfect for nap time to silent reading time to testing. Includes an optional audible alert when time is up. All models are freestanding; the 8" and 12" models can be wall mounted. Requires 1 “AA” battery, not included.
The Original Time Timer®
TTMA1 8" Time Timer TTMA2 12" Time Timer
$35.95 $42.45
$31.95 Each
The MOD features a
colorful silicone cover
to match any classroom
décor! The MOD is sized
perfectly to keep small
group work on track and
help individuals stay
focused on their work –
or tuck it in your work bag to travel between classrooms or facilities. Operates quietly and features an optional alert at the end of timing. Requires 1 “AA” battery,
3" Personal Time Timer®
TTMA4 Black
TTMB4 Sky Blue NEW!
Visual Schedule Kit
Lime Green NEW!
Shows a “wordless and numberless” schedule for anyone to follow. Includes 2 blank faces for the Time Timer (sold separately) and 2 sheets of stickers depicting
various activities like reading, wash hands, school bus, etc.
not included. 31⁄2".
TTMM9 Charcoal Gray TTMM9BL Sky Blue
Lime Green
$39.45 Each
For 8" Time Timer For 12" Time Timer
$13.95 $15.95
Time Timer® Dry Erase Board
Time Timer® Magnet
Ideal 60-minute timer for class- rooms, student testing, meet- ings, and presentations. Timer adheres to markerboards or metallic material, and can also stand alone or hang on the wall.
Put time and task management together so that even the most distracted student can get their work com- pleted on time! Convenient caddy holds markers and supplies. 73⁄4" x 73⁄4".
Dry Erase Board only (MOD sold separately) $19.95 Dry Erase Board & Time Timer Mod®
8" Time Timer® Magnet $39.45 12" Time Timer® Magnet $47.95
Classroom Timer & Noise Meter
This dual-function classroom management system features a giant display of lights that can be seen by everyone in a classroom or even an auditorium. In TIMER MODE, as “time’s up” approaches the lights turn red,
and a one-minute warning tone sounds. When time is up, sound plays and lights flash to clearly signal the end. In NOISE MODE, everyone can see the rows of “sound meter” lights rise and fall, indicating the noise level in the room. At the “trigger point” set by the teacher, a warning sound plays and lights flash, signaling the room to quiet down! Requires 4 “C” batteries or optional AC adaptor. 15" x 8" x 41⁄2". One year unconditional warranty. PC-7500 HourGlass
The world’s easiest time management tool! No buttons or dials to set, just turn the cube to the interval side needed, and turn it back when the friendly beep lets you know time is up. Features
a soft red blinking light when timer is in progress, and a countdown window to show minutes and seconds remaining. $20.00 Each
White TimeCube: 5-15-30-60 Minutes Purple TimeCube: 5-10-20-30 Minutes Blue TimeCube: 1-3-5-7 Minutes Yellow TimeCube: 5-10-20-45 Minutes Green TimeCube: 1-5-10-15 Minutes Navy TimeCube: 10-20-30-60 Seconds
The jumbo LCD display is so big and bright you can read the display from the back of
the classroom. Features a Student or Team Selector button, Countdown timer, Stopwatch timer, a random number generator for math problems or games, an Alarm, and it will even check the temperature. 61⁄2" x 91⁄2". Requires 6 “AA” batteries, not included.
KPPJMT MegaTimerTM $59.00 KPPJMTA Power Adapter $8.00
PC-7501 AC Adapter
A Jumbo Timer Designed Just for Teachers!
$99.95 $14.95
No loud ticking!
No loud ticking!

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