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268 Classroom Essentials • Storage
Caddies with Removable Containers
Clear caddies feature colorful and removable storage cups! Use the sleek and sturdy caddy to tote around Makerspace parts or other supplies, remove the cups at the work station for shared play, and then pop them back in to the caddy for easy clean up!
Small Caddy
11"L x 111⁄4"W x 5"H.
ROM250 $13.50
Classroom Caddy
Large Caddy
14"L x 131⁄2"W x 71⁄4"H.
Organize essential supplies for grab and go usage! Features 2 compartments and a comfort grip handle. Impact resistant plastic, dishwasher safe. 123⁄4"L x 111⁄4"W x 51⁄2"H.
$8.72 Each STX00953U06C Blue STX00954U06C Red STX00955U06C Purple STX00959U06C Teal
Interlocking Book Bins
Perfect for storing books, magazines, files, folders, and more! Sides connect together for safe storage. Made of sturdy and drop resistant plastic. Front and rear handles for easy gripping. Includes clear
pouches for labeling.
Storage Bins and Pockets magnetically adhere to your whiteboard, file cabinet, and more!
Create-a-SpaceTM Storage Solutions
The Create-a-Space Storage Center is an easy, conve- nient way to organize and store everyday items. Colorful set includes a 12" circular tray with 8 removable contain- ers. Magnetic Storage Pockets hold about 3⁄4 lb. each. LER3806 Create-a-SpaceTM Storage Center $18.99 LER3807 Magnetic Storage Bins, 2"W x 33⁄4"H. Set of 4
$14.99 LER6447 Magnetic Storage Pockets, 91⁄2"L x 51⁄2"H.
Set of 4 $24.99 LER3808 Create-a-SpaceTM Bundle. Set of all 3 $59.99
Black Blue Green Purple Red Teal Yellow
141⁄4"L x 51⁄4"W x 7"H
$4.26 STX70109U06C STX71101U06C STX71104U06C STX71103U06C STX71102U06C STX71107U06C STX71105U06C
111⁄2"L x 51⁄4"W x 7"H
$4.43 STX70123E12C STX71108U06C STX71111U06C STX71110U06C STX71109U06C STX71114U06C STX71112U06C
Dry Erase Classroom Storage
Made of an improved cardboard with a plastic coating for increased durability and brighter colors. Tear resistant. Write-on surface for use with dry-erase markers. Wipes clean with a cloth.
STX80301U01C STX80302U01C STX80303U01C STX80102U01C STX80103U01C
10-Section Mailroom Sorter. 121⁄2" x 311⁄2" x 21" 15-Section Mailroom Sorter. 161⁄4" x 311⁄2" x 123⁄4" 30-Section Mailroom Sorter. 121⁄2" x 21" x 161⁄2" File Totes, Set of 6. 131⁄2" x 161⁄2" x 101⁄2" Magazine Files, Set of 6. 11" x 31⁄4" x 121⁄2"
$69.36 $101.07 $90.84 $29.08
Sensational ClassroomTM Storage & Organization Solutions
Featuring the vibrant Blooming Colors Collection color palette, these storage solutions will brighten up
any classroom or workspace!
Essential Collapsible Storage Boxes
Each fabric covered cube is approx. 5" and folds flat when not in use. Set of 4. ELP626690 $12.99
Essential Storage Files
Corrugated with a coated finish and label area. Set of 5.
ELP626689 $12.99
The Essential 6-Cup Caddy
Six 3"H plastic molded cups in a 101⁄2" x 71⁄2" sturdy wire caddy. ELP626687 $19.99
The Essential 3-Pocket Desk Organizer Large storage area is 91⁄2"W x 7"D x 7"H. ELP626688 $12.99

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