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Storage • Classroom Essentials 269
Storage Bins
Storage Caddy
A handy tote for markers, calcu- lators, timers, manipulatives, and other small items that you want to keep within reach. Open or close the flexible divider to make one side into two separate compartments. Contents not
Keep manipulatives, books, notepads, games, and supplies in these decorative organizers. Features write-on/wipe-off surface
for labeling and easy cleaning. Durable bins fold for easy storage.
Book Bin, 5" x 11" x 8"H Small Bin, 8" x 11" x 5"H Medium Bin, 16" x 11" x 5"H Box w/Lid, 12" x 13" x 101⁄2"H
Burlap TCR20835 TCR20832 TCR20833 TCR20834
Chalkboard Brights TCR20784 TCR20764 TCR20765 TCR20766
Superhero — TCR20767 TCR20768 TCR20769
Lime Polka Dots TCR20785 TCR20818 TCR20819 TCR20820
Aqua Polka Dots TCR20786 TCR20815 TCR20816 TCR20817
$10.99 included. 9" x 9"x 6"H.
$11.99 $11.99 Each
$14.99 TCR20836 Burlap
$14.99 TCR20788 Chalkboard Brights
Stowaway® Storage Trays
A great color-coding system for books, papers
and more! Made of sturdy, durable plastic.
Matte finish. 91⁄2" x 31⁄2" x 111⁄2". $10.50 Each Tattle® Label Holders ROM77702 Red ROM77705 Green Fits Magazine File. Clear. ROM77703 Yellow ROM77706 Purple 33⁄8" x 11⁄4". Set of 12. ROM77704 Blue ROM77709 Orange ROM78120-12 $23.99
Made with uncompromising quality, Stowaway® products will help organize and store just about anything for years to come! Stackable. Gloss finish.
Magazine File
Red Yellow Blue Green Purple Orange
Shoebox Size
131⁄2" x 8" x 51⁄2"H
$6.50 ROM12102 ROM12103 ROM12104 ROM12105 ROM12106 ROM12109
5" Letter Tray
13" x 101⁄2" x 5"H
$7.99 ROM16102 ROM16103 ROM16104 ROM16105 ROM16106 ROM16109
3" Letter Tray
13" x 101⁄2" x 3"H
$6.50 ROM15102 ROM15103 ROM15104 ROM15105 ROM15106 ROM15109
Tattle® Shelf File with Label Holder
Just the right size to hold books or magazines in a neat and organized manner. Built-in label holder makes organizing a breeze! Stackable. Gloss finish.
Red Yellow Blue Green Purple Orange
111⁄2" x 51⁄2" x 71⁄2"H
$4.99 ROM77202 ROM77203 ROM77204 ROM77205 ROM77206 ROM77209
111⁄2" x 8" x 71⁄2"H
$5.99 ROM77302 ROM77303 ROM77304 ROM77305 ROM77306 ROM77309
Tattle® Book Basket with Label Holder
Carry handles make these perfect for classroom and library storage needs! Includes label holder built into one handle. Stackable. Gloss finish. 121⁄2" x 93⁄4" x 6"H. $8.50 Each
ROM74902 Red ROM74903 Yellow ROM74904 Blue
ROM74905 Green ROM74906 Purple ROM74909 Orange

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