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274 Classroom Essentials • Classroom Accessories
Privacy Boards
FLP60045 Assorted Colors 18"H x 48"W Privacy Shields
Economy Study Carrel
Class Packs
Tall enough to provide privacy, while still allowing teacher to see student working. Class pack of 24.
12"H x 48"W Study Carrels FLP60005 White
FLP61848 FLP61849
Assorted Colors
$78.93 $82.89
Computer Lab
Privacy Screens
Sized to accommodate desktop moni- tors, laptops or tablets with a unique design featuring tabs to secure the screen to the table or to each other. Lightweight and sturdy corrugated board is kraft on the interior and black on the exterior.
$65.25 $81.98
Create 4 or 6 stations!
PAC3782 PAC3791 PAC3795 PAC3788
4' x 6' 4' x 8' 4' x 12' 4' x 24'
White Privacy Boards, Pack of 4
Black Privacy Boards, Pack of 4
Computer Lab Privacy Boards. 22"H x 22"W, Pack of 4 Round Table Privacy Board. 14"H x 48" Diameter, Blue
$13.59 $14.09 $20.69 $16.99
26" x 201⁄2" x 22" 12-Pack FLP61857 $56.26 FLP61860 $62.21
Classroom Light Filters
The harsh glare and flickers from typical fluorescent classroom lighting can cause eyestrain, headaches, and anxiety in students. Calm and soothe students by decreasing glare. These 2' x 4' heat-resistant, fabric panels fit over standard ceil- ing fixtures with sturdy, sewn-in magnets. For use with fluorescent lights only. M
These boards are made from sturdy corrugate and are perfect for any desk, table or computer area. They help keep students focused, distractions out and help
6" x 21⁄2" cord cutout
prevent wandering eyes. 48" x 16".
Cork Rolls
22" x 20" x 20"
3-Pack FLP61856 $14.99 FLP61859 $16.37
3mm Thick
Create your own bulletin board by adding fiberboard backing and a frame, use in art projects or transform a whole wall with cork! Durable and self-healing, cork cuts easily to any size that suits your needs.
6mm Thick
FLP38005 $60.21 FLP38006 $77.95 FLP38007 $120.67 FLP38008 $217.35
16"W Panel is perfect for use on doors or in narrow spaces
FLP38000 FLP38001 FLP38002 FLP38003
$44.76 $108.85 $133.07
Pete the Cat Scenes!
EI-1230 Tranquil Blue, Set of 4 EI-1231 Whisper White, Set of 4 EI-1233 For Every Season, Set of 3 EI-1234 Pete the Cat®, Set of 3
$34.99 $34.99 $29.99 $34.99
an affordable Message Center in your Classroom!
Heritage U.S. Classroom Flags
Lusterous, high quality, silk-like printed flags mounted on black staffs with gold spear tops.
IND1049274 IND1049304 IND1049344 IND5700580
12" x 18"
16" x 24"
24" x 36" SteelWallBracket
$9.08 $16.94 $4.74
Presidential Indoor
U.S. Flag Set
Ideal for auditorium, stage or parade use. Set includes nylon flag with embroidered stars, sewn stripes, fringe, cord and tassel, polished oak pole with gold tone aluminum eagle ornament and gold tone floor stand.
IND1242053 3' x 5' Flag with 8' pole $253.88 ≠ IND1242093 4' x 6' Flag with 9' pole $316.68 ≠
Outdoor U.S. Flags
Solar Shield nylon flag material offers the optimal combination of elegance and durability. Strong polyester canvas heading and brass grommets.
made in USA
IND1002051 IND1002091 IND1002131
3' x 5' 4' x 6' 5' x 8'
$41.48 $56.86 $85.50
State & Country Flags and Custom Banners also available. Please call for pricing.
Handy size goes anywhere
Cork Tiles & Panels
Versatile, affordable cork tiles and panels are the perfect solution for keeping important notes visible, displaying student work, or even creating a classroom message center. Cork Message Bars cut easily to meet your space needs. Cork Tiles can be mounted as squares or cut to custom shapes and sizes. Cork Panels feature smooth, cork-wrapped sides for a more polished look. All are frameless and come with adhesive squares for easy hanging.
FLP10060 FLP12066 FLP10058 FLP10082 FLP37012 FLP37016 FLP37024
Cork Message Bars, 2" x 20". Set of 3 Cork Tiles, 6" x 6". Set of 4
Cork Tiles, 12" x 12". Set of 4
Cork Bulletin Board, 12" x 18"
Cork Panel, 121⁄2" x 26" Cork Panel, 16" x 36" Cork Panel, 24" x 36"
$6.87 $12.02 $5.59 $7.42 $14.51 $16.94
Product Safety See inSide front cover

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