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276 Teacher Tools • Whiteboard Accessories
Magnetic Wall Pockets
Keep files accessible by mounting pockets on file cabinets, whiteboards, and more. Heavy duty plastic con- struction holds a full ream of paper (approx. 5 lbs.) without sliding! For letter-size folders. 13"W x 7"H x 4"D. $30.95 Each
STX70254U06C Blue STX70257U06C Green STX70258U06C Purple STX70255U06C Red STX70256U06C Yellow
Simply glance up to check on your students!
Eagle Eyes® Magnetic Mirror
Keep a clear view on what students are doing when your back is turned. Wide- angle, magnetic mirror is adjustable up and down and left to right. Features a firm magnetic hold, non-slip base, and hanger holes for mounting on non-magnetic surfaces too. 18"W x 4"H with 51⁄2" base. Extends 31⁄4" from mounting surface. DMC735350
Magnetic Pockets
Stay organized with clear magnetic pockets that hold securely to any metal surface. Each pocket features a powerful full magnetic backing which can hold up to 2 pounds! Perfect for storing whiteboard supplies, papers or assignments, collecting homework, and much more! Includes an insert strip to label the contents. 91⁄2"W x 113⁄4"H. Assorted colors. Set of 4. CHL26400 $16.89
Magnetic Pockets
Use for sentence strips, math problems, class jobs, behavior management charts, storing papers or displaying student work!
Holds up to 2 lbs.!
Hand Pointers
Extra Large
26" x 2". Set of 4.
Chalkboard Brights
TCR20801 Extra Large TCR20721 Large TCR20728 Small
7" x 2". Set of 8.
14" x 2". Set of 4.
Grab attention and encourage participation in any lesson! Use these fun, plastic pointers to draw attention to interactive whiteboards, charts, maps
Light Blue Marquee
TCR20797 Extra Large TCR20793 Large TCR20789 Small
and more. Assorted colors. Set of 3.
LER1958 LER2655 LER1960
15"L. Patterned
15"L. Red, Blue & Green 24"L. Red, Blue & Green
$12.99 $12.99 $17.99
Magnetic Dry Erase
Measurement Tools
Draw precise circles and other shapes for the whole class to see with these durable tools. Handles help hold these oversized tools with ease. Durable, magnetic instruments are marked in cm and inches. Constructed of quality plastic.
Compass is non-magnetic. 1
Pocket Chart Squares
Use the 4 charts alone, connect vertically or horizontally with hook-and-loop fasteners to make a larger chart! Includes 2 large storage pockets on the back. Hang with included magnets or grommets. Each chart measures 14"L x 17"H. Set of 4.
LER2384 $24.99
5 instruments.
CTU7591 CTU7592 CTU7593 CTU7594 CTU7595 CTU7599
Compass $14.99
Line Master
24" Straight Edge
30/60/90 Triangle
45/45/90 Triangle
Measurement Set. Includes of all
$9.99 $16.99 $15.99
Product Safety See inSide front cover
This versatile time-saving tool is lightweight, durable and easy to use! Markers can quickly be positioned for charts, graphs, learning games, staff lines for music, a teacher’s daily agenda, or for a variety of lan- guage arts applications, including letter formatting and penmanship. Markers not included. Assorted colors.

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