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26 Early Learning • Counting & Sorting
Removable trays are perfect for small group activities!
Category Sorting
four removable storage compartments and a snap-tight lid. 300 pieces include 50 pink pigs, 50 yellow chicks, 100 green turtles, and 100 frogs in four colors (25 each color). Ages 3+
PC-1023 Animal Sort & Count
PC-1107 Sort & Count Tray only
Sort & Count
These animal counters are the perfect size for all sorts of counting and sorting activities
and easy manipulation by little fingers. Super sorting tray includes
$59.95 $6.95
Size Sort
Children practice size discrimination by placing these charming objects on their appropriate mats and matching labels with the mats. Includes 30 objects (10 each of 3 sizes), mats, eight labels in English and Spanish, storage basket, and Teaching Notes. Ages 3–6 1
Children build classification, language, and thinking skills as they sort these 50 realistic objects into
10 categories: animals, people, toys, food, eating utensils, things to wear, baby items, vehicles, tools, and musical instruments. Includes sorting tubs, sturdy plastic basket, detailed Teaching Ideas, and storage container. Ages 3–6 1
Rainbow Sorting Crayons
Sort 48 manipulatives into the matching crayon- shaped tubes. Set encourages color identification and vocabulary, patterning, counting and oral lan- guage development. Includes activity guide and stor- age box. Each crayon measures 9"L x 21⁄2" in diameter. Set of 56. Ages 3+ 1
Farmer’s Market
Color Sorting Set
Veggie Farm Sorting Set
Grow color recognition, matching, and early counting skills with this farm field sorting set. Set includes 25 vegetables, 10 garden signs (colors, numbers and vegetables) with 5 holders, 5 bushel baskets, and colorful foam play board. Fits into box for storage and portability. 46 pieces.
Ages 3+ 1
Develop color recognition and sorting skills with bush- els of realistic, relationally sized produce. Includes Activity Guide, 25 foods and stickers for labeling 5 baskets that measure 4"H x 51⁄2" in diameter. Set of 30. Ages 11⁄2+
Sorting Pie
Fruity pie teaches early number skills and attributes! Includes 60 counters
(7 fruits in 5 different colors), durable plastic pie (83⁄4" in diameter), removable divider, 3 double-sided sorting cards, 2 jumbo tweezers and activity guide.
Ages 3+
Birds in a Nest Sorting Set
Add an imaginative touch to learning play with this momma and baby bird nest- ing theme. Set of 36 includes 24 baby birds in 6 colors, 6 momma birds, 6 color nests, and Activity Guide. Nests measure 4"L x 1"H; birds measure 1"H (baby) and 13⁄4"H (momma). Ages 3+ 1
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