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Teacher Clips
The perfect solution for all of your binding and organizational chal- lenges! These sturdy and easy to use binder clips are in bright colors with printed reminders. $7.99 Each
Things to Do
To Be Graded, Graded, Send Home, For Volunteer, To Be Filed, Make Copies TNT2302 2" Clips, Set of 6 TNT2303 11⁄4"Clips, Set of 12
(2 each)
Math, Reading, Language, Science, Social Studies, Homework TNT2300 2" Clips, Set of 6
Assign student tasks or classroom jobs! Hang student artwork or classroom decorations! About 27⁄8" x 3⁄8" each. 20 wood clothespins: 5 each of 4 designs. 1
Plastic Clothespins
Versatile clips can be used two ways!
Classroom Clips
Small clips are brightly colored and have many applications. 21⁄3"L clips
Classroom Clothesline
A great way to display student work, announcements and more! Includes two 50' lengths of strong line in assort- ed colors, 48 clothespins in assorted colors and four adhesive wall mounts.
Days of Week
Today, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
TNT2301 2" Clips, Set of 6
Classes & Days of Week TNT2304 11⁄4"Clips, Set of 12
in 5 colors. Set of 30.
40 plastic clothespins: 10 each of red, blue, green, and yellow. Write-on with a per- manent marker and wipe-off with rubbing alcohol. TCR20649
Polka Dot Clothespins TCR20671 $9.99
Glitter Magnetic Clothespins TCR77237 $9.99
Paw Prints Magnetic Clothespins TCR77251 $9.99
7 Attention- getting Sounds!
Decorative Call Bells & Hand Bells
Steel Hand Bell
4" tall.
ASH10050 $4.49
Steel Call Bell
3" diameter.
ASH10081 $4.49
No Yell Bell®
Classroom Attention Getter
No need to shout when you have this versatile, voice-saving elec- tronic teacher bell! Simply dial one of seven unique sounds, tilt the bell, and point it at your students. The crystal-clear sound begins immediately–and gets everyone’s attention! High-quality speaker and volume control allow you to use the bell indoors or out. Requires 4 “AAA” batteries, not included. EI-1250 $29.99
Smart PolyTM Folders
Owls Ladybug Superhero Chalkboard Red
Smile Faces Emojis
3" Call Bell
$7.99 ASH10513 ASH10515 ASH10517 ASH10519 ASH10524 ASH10526 ASH10528
5" Hand Bell
$7.99 ASH10514 ASH10516 ASH10518 ASH10520 ASH10523 ASH10525 ASH10527
Easily hold and carry 100 papers! Write-on/wipe-off surface. Snap button
Product Safety See inSide front cover
ASH90000 ASH90001 ASH90002 ASH90003 ASH90004
Super City Emojis Color Owls Ladybug Color Paws
ASH90005 ASH90006 ASH90007 ASH90008 Catchup
enclosure, flap top. Water resistant. 131⁄2" x 91⁄2".
$2.49 Each
B/W Dots
Chalk Days of Week Chalk Tasks

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