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286 Teacher Tools • Hall Passes
Magnetic Hall Pass Sets
Suitable for all magnetic receptive surfaces! Each UV coated pass includes space to write in room number
or teacher name. 81⁄4" x 2". Set of 5 includes Boys, Girls, Hall, Office and Blank.
$10.99 Each
TNT10572 Galaxy Script
Galaxy Script
TNT10168 Boys Pass TNT10169 Girls Pass TNT10170 Hall Pass
Magnetic Hall Passes
Chunky foam core makes these passes less likely for students to lose. Double-sided magnetic to store on your whiteboard, filing cabinet or door frame until called into action. Includes Hall, Office and Bathroom. 6" x 21⁄4". Set of 3.
TNT10570 Neon Chalk
Lightweight, durable and non-shattering passes are pre-drilled for easy hanging. Full-color UV printing. 21⁄4" x 73⁄4".
TNT10511 Neon Black
Plastic Hall Passes
$5.29 Each
DMC735204 $11.99
Neon Chalk
TNT10162 Boys Pass TNT10163 Girls Pass TNT10164 Hall Pass
Neon Black
TNT10156 Boys Pass TNT10157 Girls Pass TNT10158 Hall Pass
TNT10150 Boys Pass TNT10151 Girls Pass TNT10152 Hall Pass
Big Type
TNT10100 Boys Pass TNT10101 Girls Pass TNT10102 Hall Pass
TNT10112 Boys Pass TNT10113 Girls Pass TNT10148 Blank
Laminated Hall Passes
$2.99 Each
ASH10658 Hall Pass
ASH10666 Restroom Pass ASH10667 Hall Pass
Heavy, laminated passes are pre-drilled for easy hanging. Printed two sides. Cleans easily with soap and water. Large 9" x 31⁄2" size.
Reverse side is a different color!
ASH10748 Boys Pass ASH10747 Girls Pass
Colored Paws
ASH10745 Boys Pass ASH10746 Girls Pass
ASH10632 Girls Pass ASH10633 Boys Pass ASH10634 Office Pass ASH10631 Nurse Pass
ASH10749 Hall Pass
ASH10687 Restroom Pass ASH10686 Hall Pass
ASH10648 Boys Pass ASH10647 Girls Pass
ASH10723 Boys Pass ASH10724 Girls Pass
ASH10649 Hall Pass
ASH10668 Restroom Pass ASH10669 Hall Pass
ASH10722 Girls Pass ASH10721 Boys Pass ASH10625 Washroom Pass
ASH10657 Boys Pass ASH10656 Girls Pass
ASH10727 Boys Pass ASH10728 Girls Pass
ASH10630 Library Pass ASH10626 Washroom Pass ASH10664 Restroom Pass ASH10665 Hall Pass
ASH10660 Restroom Pass ASH10661 Hall Pass ASH10696 Blank

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