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Counting & Sorting • Early Learning 27
Connecting Camels
Explore counting and sorting, shape and space, pre- algebra, measurement, data and more with plastic cam- els in 3 sizes, 3 weights (5g, 10g, 15g) and 6 colors. Cyclic patterns, perimeters and measuring can be explored by
Flower Sorting Trays
Extra large and brightly colored flower shaped trays with 7 compart- ments are great for counting, sorting and classifying activities. Also ideal for use as a paint tray or for color mixing! 153⁄4" dia. Set of 6. Ages 3+ CTU9660 $34.99
connecting camels together. Set of 96. Ages 3+
$22.99 $7.99
CTU9650 CTU9651
Connecting Camels Sequencing Cards, Set of 20
All About Me Family
Help young children learn all about themselves and their families. Counters come in 6 shapes and colors. Tallest figure measures 21⁄2"H. Set of 72. Ages 3+ 1
Dr. SeussTM
NEW! Counting NEW!
Colorful plastic 13⁄8" chips feature Dr. Seuss characters on one side and solid colors on the other. 30 each of 5 designs. Set of 150. Ages 3+ 1 EU-867565
Dr. SeussTM
One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish! 50 Fish Counters
(10 each of
5 colors) plus 5 trans-
lucent matching cups make counting and sorting fun! Fish measure 11⁄4"L. Set of 55. Ages 3+ 1
Stackable Counters
Translucent plastic counters in 6 colors can be stacked into towers or used for counting, sorting, pattern making and sequencing. Great for use with a light panel! Includes plastic storage container.
Counters are approx. 3⁄4"
diam. Set of 500.
Counters in 6 colors measure 3⁄4" each. Set of 250. Ages 5+ LER0131 $3.99
Fruit Counters
Colorful counters in 6 shapes and 6 colors, complete with plastic stor- age container. Banana measures 2" x 3⁄8". Set of 108. Ages 3+ 1 CTU13120 $21.99
Aquatic Counters
Colorful counters in 14 shapes and 6 colors, complete with plastic storage container. Penguin mea- sures 2" tall. Set of 84. Ages 3+ 1
Ages 3+
Three Bear Family®
Three Bear Family® Counters
Compare our bears by size, color and weight!
Bears are proportionately weighted to use on a balance for measurement discoveries. The 80-piece Basic Set contains 20 Papa, 20 Mama and
40 Baby Bear Counters in four colors. The 96-piece Rainbow Set includes 24 Papa, 24 Mama and 48 Baby Bear Counters in six colors. Packaged in handy storage bucket. Ages 3+ 1
LER0725 Basic Set. 80 counters in 4 colors $19.99 LER0744 Rainbow Set. 96 counters in 6 colors $24.99 LER0753 Pattern Cards. 16 double-sided activity cards for use with
counters in 4 colors (LER0725) $9.99 LER0739 Baby BearTM Sorting Set. Includes 102 Baby Bear Counters in
6 colors with matching 6" diameter sorting bowls. $24.99 LER0745 Sorting Bowls only. Set of 6 $9.99
Sort, Pattern & Play Activity Set
Includes 96 Three Bear Family® Counters in six rainbow colors, six rainbow-colored sorting bowls, 2" color cube, number cube, 16 pattern cards, 12 double-sided activity cards and bear game spinner. Ages 3+  1
Product Safety $59.99 See inSide front cover

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