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Teacher Tools • Stamps
Sweet-Arts Artistic Rubber Stamps
Made with the finest materials and craftsmanship, these stamps will last a lifetime! Each stamp features a hand-cut maple handle, hand-cut and matted stamp impression, and a washable, clear mylar top surface. Stamp impressions shown here are actual size and hand-decorated to illustrate the creative uses of our stamps. 1
CE-C338 CE-B218 $4.50 $4.95
CE-C335 $4.95
CE-C346 $4.95 CE-E632 $5.95
CE-C384 $4.95
CE-A147 $3.95
CE-A108 $3.95
CE-B262 $4.50
These sets of 1" upper- case and lowercase alphabets have easy-to- grip plastic handles and include 26 letters and 8
punctuation stamps, plus a clear, labeled and sectioned stor- age case. Set of 34.
1 $15.99 Each CE-6811 Uppercase CE-6812 Lowercase
CE-E618 $5.95
CE-A156 $3.95
CE-C306 $4.95
Large Stamp Sets
Each set contains 10 individual wood stamps approximately
11⁄2" x 11⁄2" in size.
1 $19.99 Each
CE-1205 Teacher Kit
Grading Stamp Sets
Each set contains 6 individual wood stamps approximately 1" x 1" in size.
CE-1204 Smiles
$7.99 Each
Illustrated stamps make grading papers quick and easy. Includes encouraging messages (Great Work!) and standard comments (Needs Improvement). Plastic storage case included. Stamps measure
CE-601 Smile Faces Product Safety See inSide front cover
CE-608 Happy Bugs 11⁄2" square. Set of 30.
LER0678 $19.99
Numbers & Signs Stamps
Use for counting, math facts, matching, posters and games. Stamps measure 1".
Set of 15. 1 CE-6841

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