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Stamps & Stamp Pads • Teacher Tools 291
6 in 1 Rainbow
Jumbo Washable Paint/Ink Pads
Excellent for young children! Each pad measures 6" in diameter and is approved for direct contact with skin.
$5.79 Each $6.79 Each
CE-6601 Yellow CE-6606 Black CE-6620 CE-6602 Orange CE-6607 Purple CE-6621 CE-6603 Green CE-6609 Pink CE-6622 CE-6604 Blue CE-6611 Brown CE-6623 CE-6605 Red CE-6646
Vivid Orange CE-6624 White Vivid Green CE-6625 Silver Vivid Pink CE-6626 Gold Vivid Yellow
CE-6616 Primary Kit. Red, Yellow, Blue, Green CE-6617 Seasonal Kit. Pink, Orange, Purple, Black CE-6618 Vivid Kit. Vivid Orange, Vivid Green, Vivid Pink,
$22.69 $25.99 $57.80 $69.99
Vivid Yellow
CE-6615 Classroom Kit. Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Black,
Purple, Pink, Brown, Silver
CE-6614 Craft Kit. Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Black,
Purple, Pink, Brown, Silver, Gold, 6 in 1 Rainbow
6-in-1 Rainbow
$7.79 $22.69
Actual Size
JumboTM Stampers
Self-Inking Stamp Kits with Desk Caddy
Jumbo (11⁄2" in diameter) self-inking rubber stamps have red or blue ink self- contained in the stamp for perfect one-step stamping! Each set of 4 comes with a handy wooden desktop caddy for easy storage. Stamps are re-inkable. 1 $14.99 Each
CE-J9959 CE-J9992 CE-J9993
Spanish Sets (Not Shown)
Incentive Set Take Note Set Rewards Set
CE-J9902 CE-J9905 CE-J9906
Spanish Incentive Set Spanish Take Note Set Spanish Rewards Set
Stamp Pads
Non-toxic, no scent. CE-501 Yellow CE-502 Orange CE-503 Green CE-504 Blue CE-505 Red CE-506 Black
Scented Stamp Pads
Jumbo Washable Stamp Pads
These pads are wonderful for large rubber stamps as well as child “handprint” decorating and mementos. Acid-free and archival quality. 61⁄4" x 4". 1
$11.49 Each
Non-toxic, child safe ink. CE-01 Cherry/Red
CE-03 Bubble Gum/Pink CE-05 Strawberry/
Hot Pink CE-10 Orange/Orange
CE-20 Lemon/Yellow CE-31 Chocolate/Brown
1 $5.79 Each
$5.79 Each
CE-507 Purple CE-508 Brown CE-509 Hot Pink CE-510 Lime Green CE-511 Coral CE-512 Harbor Blue
CE-45 CE-51
CE-54 CE-61 CE-73
Lime/Green Hyacinth/ Turquoise Blueberry/Blue Grape/Purple Licorice/Black
CE-5501 Yellow CE-5502 Orange CE-5503 Green CE-5504 Blue CE-5505 Red
Stamp Pad
6 colors in each box,
each pad approximately 2" x 2". Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, and Orange.
CE-5506 Black
CE-5507 Purple
CE-5509 Hot Pink
CE-5510 Lime Green
CE-5511 Brown
Washable Rainbow Stamp Pads
3 colors in each pad. 1
Washable 4-in-1 Stamp Pads
4 colors in each box! 1
Original Each pad is 3" x 11⁄2". $12.99 Each
CE-SA530 CE-SA531
$7.99 Each
Primary. Red, Green, Yellow, Blue. Electric. Hot Pink, Purple, Turquoise, Lime Green.
Primary. Red, Yellow Blue.
Electric. Hot Pink, Purple, Turquoise
CE-SA540 CE-SA541
Jumbo Each pad is 3" x 3".
CE-6645 Primary. Red, Green, Yellow, Blue.
$8.49 Each
Product Safety See inSide front cover

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