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296 Rewards & Incentives • Awards & Certificates
Recognition Awards
Give cheerful awards kids are proud to take home! Personalize your message for each occasion. 51⁄2" x 81⁄2". Pack of 30. $3.99 Each
T-81055 Happy Birthday Sea BuddiesTM
T-81046 Hooo-ray Owl-Star!
T-81047 Way to Go! You Shine!
T-81017 Happy Birthday
T-81024 Reading Award
T-81080 Birthday Playtime PalsTM
T-81041 Star of the Week
T-81049 Happy Birthday Bake ShopTM
T-81081 Star of the Week Playtime PalsTM
T-81044 Happy Birthday Owl-Stars!®
T-81021 I Lost a Tooth!
T-81019 I’m a Star Student
T-8112 Outstanding
T-81034 You did it!
T-8101 Oh Joy! It’s your Birthday!
T-8102 It’s Your Birthday! Cool!
T-81401 You Rock!
T-81028 Outstanding
T-81031 Great Work
Way to Go!
Happy Birthday
Math Star
Star of the Week!
Happy Birthday!
Music Award
Colorful Classics Certificates & Diplomas
Bright designs on high-quality paper. Printer-compatible and ready to frame. 81⁄2" x 11".
Pack of 30.
T-17006 Preschool Certificate T-17008 Kindergarten Certificate
T-17001 Classic Preschool Diploma
T-17002 Classic Kindergarten Diploma
$5.49 Each T-2951 Certificate of Award
T-2959 Honor Roll Award T-2954 Congratulations/Swirls T-2965 Certificate of Recognition
Classic Certificates
Celebrate special occasions! These certificates feature dignified designs for upper grades and adults. Ready to frame, printer-
compatible. 81⁄2" x 11". Pack of 30. T-11301 Certificate of Excellence T-11303 Certificate of Participation T-11304 Certificate of Recognition T-11307 Certificate of Honor Roll T-2562 Certificate of Achievement T-2564 Certificate of Recognition
$5.49 Each

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