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Certificates • Rewards & Incentives 297
Printer-Compatible Certificates
Enhance your student award programs by presenting students with framable certificates and awards. Printed on high quality paper and compatible with most laser printers. Full color, 81⁄2" x 11". Pack of 30. $6.19 Each
Fully Ink Jet and Laser Printer Compatible
H-VA608 Certificate of Achievement H-VA612 Honor Roll Award
H-VA613 Certificate of Perfect Attendance H-VA628 Student of the Month
H-VA922 General Diploma
Laser Printer Compatible
H-VA508 Certificate of Achievement H-VA512 Honor Roll Certificate H-VA513 Perfect Attendance H-VA525 Citizenship Certificate
H-VA637 Certificate of Recognition
H-VA677 Reading Achievement Certificate H-VA681 Mathematics Achievement Certificate H-VA688 Improvement Award
H-VA701 Kindergarten Certificate
H-VA528 Student of the Month H-VA536 Music Achievement H-VA570 Art Achievement H-VA571 Science Achievement
H-VA703 H-VA655 H-VA667 H-VA669
Kindergarten Diploma Stars Border Paper
Gold Block Border Paper Gold Ribbon Border Paper
H-VA577 H-VA580 H-VA581
Reading Achievement Award Attendance Certificate
Math Achievement Certificate
Certificate Folders
Add a touch of class to every award ceremony with these beautiful pre- sentation folders! Made of heavy- weight paper with embossed gold laurels. Folders measure 10" x 13", ideal for 81⁄2" x 11" certificates and diplomas. Pack of 30. $20.39 Each H-VA342 Black HV-A344 Maroon H-VA343 Blue HV-A341 Green
Gold Foil Seals
Ideal for use on certificates and diplomas! Also great for awards, prizes and bulletin board displays. 2" diameter.
Gold Foil
Embossed Seals
Add an extra touch of class to any certificate, award or diploma! Each pack contains 54 self-adhesive
13⁄4" embossed foil certificate seals. $8.66 Each
H-VA370 Honor Roll
H-VA371 Outstanding Achievement H-VA372 Academic Achievement H-VA373 Award of Excellence H-VA375 Attendance Award H-VA376 Seal of Success
Art Deco Border Paper
Pack of 50.
H-VA313 H-VA314
$4.27 Each
Gold Blank Gold Excellence
Create your own certificates and awards, or use to add flair to invitations, notes to parents, newslet- ters and much more! Fully inkjet and laser printer
compatible. 81⁄2" x 11". Pack of 50.
H-VA914 Black H-VA916 H-VA915 Blue H-VA917
$6.38 Each
Plum Green

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