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28 Early Learning • Counting & Early Math Skills
Sensational MathTM
Hands-On Tally MarksTM
The classic number and counting tool made to last! Sturdy, color- coded, plastic tally mark manipula- tives are ready-to-use and will long outlast hand-made popsicle stick versions. Aligned to State Standards. Includes 10 tens, 20 fives,
20 ones, a full-color teaching guide, and plastic storage tray. Ages 5–7
ELP626677 $19.99
Class Set
ELP626678 Includes 120 tens, 240 fives, 240 ones, and teacher’ guide
Activity Card Sets
Includes 21⁄2" x 31⁄2" full-color, self-checking cards. Set of 50.
$4.99 Each
ELP626679 Grade K ELP626681 Grade 2 ELP626680 Grade 1
Counting Kits
These classic counting kits invite children to count charming objects, learn one-to-one correspondence, and a whole lot more. Students record their work with See-ThruTM Animal Stamps in their own I Can Read Numbers minibooks. Each kit includes 75 objects, matching See-ThruTM Stamp, counting tubs with labels, laminated counting cards, and I Can Read Numbers Minibook Masters, plus Teaching Notes. Ages 3–6 1 $49.95 Each PC-2472 Count-a-Ladybug PC-2613 Count-a-Pig PC-2470 Count-a-Penguin
Number Puzzle Boards & Pegs
Each number puzzle connects only to the puzzle board with the correct number of holes. Use the self-correcting puzzles alone, or combine them with the stacking pegs to practice counting and learn basic adding and subtracting. Colors may vary. Ages 3+ 1
Math Discovery Kit
This hands-on set starts with number recognition and counting tasks, then advances to simple addition/subtrac- tion with objects and numbers, patterning, early problem solving, and quantity comparisons. Includes 26 double- sided activity mats, 35 extra-thick soft picture tiles, 20 Lauri® Crepe Rubber number plaques, 50 Crepe Rubber counters,
Counting Caterpillar
This cheerful character features 10 segments with printed numbers and dots for easy counting. En- courages number skills, color rec- ognition, fine motor skills, hand- eye coordination, and imaginative play. Sturdy wooden construction for years of play. Ages 2+
a kit box with drawers, and activity guide. Ages 3+
0–30 Number
Line Floor Mat
Kinesthetic movement combined with the most common number line format in the curric- ulum! Format features popular left-to-right visual representation
of numerals 0 through 30. Durable vinyl mat measures 22'L x 1'W. Ages 5+
LER0935 $37.99
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Shelby’s Snack Shack®
A counting game bone-anza!
Shelby buried bones all over the beach, and she needs your help collecting them! Spin to determine your play and to see how many bones you win or lose. Then, use the Shelby Squeezer to pick up the bones and put them in your bowl. Collect the most bones to win!
2-4 players. Ages 4+ 1
Rainbow Numbers
Magnetic Numbers
Rainbow Numbers combines simple mathematical concepts so children can keep track of counting, see number relationships and understand place value. Set of 155 magnetic foam math pieces with unique in-built magnetic board and activity guide. Ages 4+ 1 JRL195

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