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298 Rewards & Incentives • Incentive Charts & Stickers
Incentive Pads
Encourage good behavior and track progress with Incentive Pads. 51⁄4" x 6".
superSpots® Stickers
Acid free, nontoxic, and safe for use on photos. 3⁄8". Pack of 800.
$2.99 Each
Pad of 36 sheets.
$3.99 Each
T-73003 Reward Words Incentive Pad
T-46160 Cool Words Stickers
T-73034 Owl-Stars!® Incentive Pad
T-46194 Owl-Stars!® Stickers
T-73060 Paw Prints Incentive Pad
T-46195 Paw Prints Stickers
T-73014 Stars Incentive Pad
T-46161 Beaming Rainbows
Scratch-Off Stickers
T-73065 Sea BuddiesTM Incentive Pad T-46197 Sea BuddiesTM
T-73052 Gel Stars Incentive Pad
T-46183 Rainbow Gel Stickers
Make your own prizes, games, favors, and more! Each sticker measures
approximately 21⁄2" x 1". 180 stickers per pack.
$5.49 Each
EU-627000 EU-627001
Word Bubbles Star Bursts
EU-627002 EU-627003
Ovals Rectangles
Large Incentive Charts
Track progress and celebrate success!
12-pack assortment includes 6 bright colors plus white
28" x 22". Set of 12.
Assorted Colors White
$19.99 Each
35 assignments, 42 student names SE-365 SE-357
50 assignments, 33 student names SE-367 SE-346
Small Incentive Charts
Scented Stickers
Keep track of progress on these charts when space is limited. Room for
Fun, colorful stickers with a long-lasting scent. 80 self-adhesive scented
20 assignments and 35 student names. 14" x 22". Set of 12. SE-369 Assorted Colors
SE-359 White
Incentive Punch Cards
A great way to motivate and inspire your class! Use these punch cards to keep track of good work, homework assignments, positive classroom behavior, number of books read, and more. 4" x 21⁄2". Pack of 36. $4.29 Each
$15.99 Each
stickers per pack.
EU-650943 Grape
EU-650944 Chocolate EU-650946 Bacon
EU-650948 Cola
EU-650912 Marshmallow S’mores
Reward Badges
Students will proudly wear these all day long! Approx. 31⁄4". 36 self- adhesive badges per pack. $4.99 Each
CTP2218 I’m an Innovator CTP1070 Super Star!
CTP1075 It’s My Birthday! Star CTP1066 Happy Birthday Ribbon CTP1067 Super Student Ribbon CTP1800 Hooray 100 Days
$2.99 Each EU-650915 Jelly Beans
EU-650916 Cinnamon EU-650917 Strawberry EU-650918 Orange EU-650934 Pizza
NS-2401 Homework On Time NS-2402 Star Student NS-2403 Super Reader!
NS-2406 Positive Behavior NS-2410 Superheroes NS-2420 On a Mission

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