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Sparkle Stickers® Variety Packs
Inspire big smiles with sparkling sticker favorites!
Just the right size to put on homework, reward good behavior, and add cheer. Fun assortment of 648 stickers in each pack. 1 T-63903 Holiday Celebration
T-63904 School Fun
T-63909 School Days
T-63910 More Animal Fun
superSpots® &
Variety Packs
These fun little stickers are the
ideal size for incentive pads and
charts. Acid free, nontoxic and safe for use
on photos. 3⁄8". 1 $8.49 Each
T-1942 Neon Smiles. 2,500 stickers
T-1945 Positive Praisers. 2,500 stickers
T-46903 Very Cool! 2,500 stickers
T-46904 Animals. 2,500 stickers
T-46908 Alphabet, Numbers, & Shapes. 2,500 stickers T-46909 Colorful Sparkle Smiles. 1,300 stickers T-46910 Colorful Sparkle Stars. 1,300 stickers T-46912 Colorful Foil Stars. 1,300 stickers
T-46914 Seasons. 2,500 stickers
T-46915 Animal Friends. 2,500 stickers
T-46916 Everyday Favorites. 2,500 stickers
T-46917 Star Smiles. 2,500 stickers
T-46918 Heart Smiles. 2,500 stickers
T-46919 Best Buddies Collection. 2,500 stickers T-46929 Playful Pets. 2,000 stickers
T-46930 Buddy Brights. 2,000 stickers
T-46931 Little Flyers. 2,000 stickers
T-46826 Awesome Assortment. 5,100 stickers $14.99 Sticker
Shown actual size
Scratch ‘n Sniff Stinky Stickers®
Multiple designs in each pack. Acid free, nontoxic and photo safe. 1" diameter.
$12.99 Each
T-83443 Happy Bugs (Summer Garden)
60 per pack.
T-83433 Emoji Cheer (Orange) T-83442 Emoji Stars (Stardust) T-83434 Purr-fect Pets (Cinnamon) T-83439 Bug Buddies (Orchard) T-83438 Awesome Animals (Tropical) T-83435 Car-Toons (Root Beer) T-83440 Seal of Approval
(Caramel Corn)
Stinky Stickers® Variety Packs
Smelly stickers bring big smiles! Scratch ‘em and sniff ‘em for a burst of fragrance. Acid free, nontoxic, and safe for
$2.99 Each
T-83441 School Fish (Sea Breeze)
T-83436 Friendly Fruit (Fruit Punch)
T-83437 Garden Delights (Honey)
use on photos. Sticker sizes range from 3⁄4"–1". T-089 Kids’ Choice. 480 stickers
T-580 Seasons & Holidays. 435 stickers T-6480 Positive Words. 300 stickers T-6481 Colorful Favorites. 300 stickers T-6490 Praise Words. 435 stickers T-6491 Fun Favorites. 435 stickers T-83901 Sweet Scents. 480 stickers T-83903 Smiles. 432 stickers
T-83904 Colorful Star Smiles. 432 stickers T-83905 Smiles & Stars. 648 stickers T-83906 Fun Fest. 350 stickers
T-83914 Awesome Pals. 240 stickers T-83915 Animal Pals. 385 stickers T-83917 Fun Friends. 240 stickers
$13.99 $13.99 $9.99 $9.99 $13.99 $13.99 $13.99 $9.99 $9.99 $13.99 $9.99 $9.99 $13.99 $9.99
Actual Size
Variety Pads
Stars, smiles, animals, and more! A generous variety of sticker shapes and sizes in popular themes. Includes
738 superSpots®, superShapes, and Applause STICKERS® in every pad. $5.49 Each T-5011 Praise & Reward T-5010 Super Stars & Smiles T-5006 Seasons & Holidays T-5008 Schooltime Fun T-5009 Animal Antics
Scratch ‘n Sniff
Product Safety See inSide front cover
Stinky Stickers® Awards
Coordinating Stinky Stickers® add excitement to celebrating success. Each pack includes 24 awards (51⁄2" x 81⁄2") and 30 Stinky Stickers®. $4.99 Each
T-81303 I Shine! Emojis T-81301 Way to Go! Owl-Stars!® T-81302 Birthday Sea BuddiesTM

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